Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Leslie Jones Accuses the Ritz Carlton of Racism

BET Awards host Leslie Jones accuses the Ritz Carlton of racism...


Anonymous said...

maybe its not black people but they have a policy against service animals

Anonymous said...

All humans evolved from apes! What I will accuse Leslie of is murder because she killed the audience and not in a good way, she was terrible as host!

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Towels not fluffy? Not enough mints on the pillow? What exactly happened that was racist?
She needs to elaborate.

Anonymous said...

Oh please. Does she really need to elaborate? We've all been Black a long time. You know damned well what she means.

Im sure it involved less than stellar customer sevice, poor attitudes, delayed service, and bad body language. MAYBE even overt racism. I dont need her to say that to get the point. You know when your kind isnt welcomed.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:18 EXACTLY!!!!

They do this to black people daily.

So when you are black with MORE money then them they do it even more overtly BECAUSE they recent your success

iketernr said...

How da fun did humans evolve from apes when apes are still around? IJS

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Yes I said elaborate as in put their ass all the way on blast. Of course I know how they do us but that wasn't my point at all.
Thank God I've never had a bad experience at a hotel but if I had I would have been all in the manager's face. Fuck a tweet.
I had a friend experience some racist ish at a grocery store. I told her to contact the manager and the corporate office. They fired the cashier and gave her all kinds of free shit.

L. Eller said...

Now she sees no amount of cooning, mammying and other fuckery will get her any points with whites. She should plan accordingly for the next SNL season

Anonymous said...

^ @ R in NYC

We got what you meant.

She probably didn't feel like investing the energy elaborating in a tweet.

Maybe she did submit a formal complaint...

But I am totally with you about calling corporate.

I do it right on the scene or in the parking lot THEN follow- up with an email to upper management.

Yup, i do it in a heartbeat.
And I've gotten free stuff too.

BUT the best part is the look on their faces the next time they see me.

It's like:
That's the black b*tch who called corporate and got so-so fired so we HAVE TO give her the best customer service.
Fake smiling from the time i walk in to the time i walk out. LOLOL

We have to do it Folks...

Anonymous said...

That's like asking why are there still cats when jaguars, leopards and cheetahs exist? Cmon now!

Anonymous said...

Its so funny how regular posters feel they are on some upper plane of intelligence/enlightenment. If there is some secret society of snitch posters and everyone else is "asleep," why make it an open forum? Why is every thread about black women filled with venom? Even in cyberspace you dont know how to respect one another.

No respone necessary.

Anonymous said...

Leslie can't please anyone. Black people dog her out because of her looks ( she knows what she looks like). Whites have been racist towards her. She shouldn't be treated bad just because she look or act differently

Anonymous said...

@7:20AM You are an ignorant moron. Throughout my life I have wondered why trash like yourself is allowed to live, while good people die every single day. The creatures that raised you obviously did a very poor job.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:18

"Im sure it involved less than stellar customer sevice, poor attitudes, delayed service, and bad body language."

you just describe every Black woman in customer service.lol

Anonymous said...

@ 11:48

CLEARLY you want a response...
So yeah, I'll bite !

And help you out too :)

Everybody has an opinion
You can agree
Or agree to disagree

And yes on this blog site (as in life)
Some people ARE more conscious than others

BUT that doesn't negate the fact that EVERYBODY is entitled to their own opinion

So freely share what YOU think
That's why we are ALL on here

@ 1:30

Sooooo, I take it that you are a white racist who does not like the sentiments that are being expressed in this blog about whites.

Well I have experienced unprofessional customer service from blacks AND whites
( Latinos too for that matter)

Unfortunately QUALITY customer service across the board within the last 10 years or so.

Different mindset & Lower Morals...

But ESPECIALLY whites.
You all are taught racism from your parents.
White people have Historically provided Horrible customer service to Blacks...

And presently still DELIBERATELY do it.

So if we choose to discuss the TRUTH about what you do & it offends you, so be it.

Anonymous said...

^ Quality customer service has GONE DOWN within the last 10 years^

Anonymous said...

1:39 is absolutely right! Black women are so naturally miserable, they cant pretend to be pleasant even if its a job requirement! Black female ticket agent, server, front counter, whatever always makes you feel like youre bothering her. Unless shes a young college student with aspirations of not being miserable. The truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

@2:39 I agree. Some of the contributing factors are bare-bone staffing, poor training/staff development, failure to address employee needs (childcare expense vs salary) and my pet peeve "automated communications." Often,the person on the other end of the line was already livid by the time the call reached me. My favorite from a irate customer "Why dat lady calling me? She call all day and all night talking bout a damn prescription ready. I tell ya what, transfer all my shit to CPS" Do you mean CVS? "You's a smart ass MF, let me speak to a manager" LMAO

Anonymous said...

More like discrimination. There is a difference.

Anonymous said...


I think that you MEANT to say 2:39

But anyway your comment was BS

Black women are NOT born miserable at all.

It is the ABUNDANCE of racism, discrimination, on the job favoritism and overall pressure that causes SOME black women to have a hard time smiling through it.

But these millennial of all races are not good at customer service in my opinion.

White females do the SAME things because they are unable to suppress their racism/ jealousy/ hatred.

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