Friday, June 09, 2017

Trouble in Paradise for Bernice Burgos and T.I.?

Rapper T.I. had been linked to video vixen Bernice Burgos for months [click here if you missed that], but it looks as though their fling has ended...

Judging from Bernice's cryptic post on Instagram last night, and by cryptic I mean salty, it looks like Bernice is fed up.


Anonymous said...

ummm the answer is YES. Do you really need confirmation? P.S. Celebs ARE regular females, shhhh don't tell nobody. Keep it Pimpin Mama.

Sunno said...

Bitch you was impressed the minute you saw it was T.I. he didn't have to do nothing more for you to let him f*ck. HAHAHA you didn't get saved.

Anonymous said...

Men will do what it takes to funk!

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

She's a home-wrecking ho with standards..... Bwahahahaha.......
It's too early for this bullshit.

Anonymous said...

She's a dummy. No class, poorly educated and no mystique or veil of intrigue about her. Just your common street whore.

Anonymous said...

I knew it was over when she posted that video and tagged meek mills. That was an advertisement.

Anonymous said...

How old is Bernice? Girls should know this by puberty.

Anonymous said...

For those of y'all that swear this painted kangaroo is winning because she's using her pussy superpowers for dollars and not cents:
There are far more successful gold diggers of color who are chilling on yachts right now or vacationing in the Swiss alps with luxury cars in their name.
This bitch here is linked to a has been married rapper and "works out" at Planet fitness.
Her pussy has no cape.

Anonymous said...

The main stupid-donkey in all of this is Tiny

How dare you (tiny) let and allow that piece of trash nigga called your husband, to debase you like you're nothing. I don't give a damn if he's the father of your children. All I see is DEMON who you had kids with. Period. And that DEMON deserves to be put to death!
The kids will be happier without that despicable useless nigga

I troll it like I see it. said...

Skanks the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Can't stand when anyone but esp a women dehumanizes other women with term female. By her line of questioning and actions, not the brightest bulb in the box.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

@9:49, your comment was funny as shit and so true. She's not even a natural beauty. On another website, there were pics of her pre-plastic surgery. Bitch looked terrible.

Indi_flo said...

Leg to ass ratio is way off

Unknown said...

Grown ass woman with a baby hair fetish.

Anonymous said...

Awww, what's the matter, Bernice? Are you mad because it's over already? SMH. What the hell did she expect? The man is married! Messing around with a married man will ALWAYS end in disaster. NOTHING good will EVER come out if it. He was using her. Plain and simple. I mean, DUH! Look at how he treats his own wife. If he can be disrespectful to Tiny, (although she plays a part in it too, because she allows it), then what made this bird brain think that he was going to treat her with any ounce of respect? I swear, alot of this women today are stupid as f!*k. SMH.

Anonymous said...

She fed up cuz she's bustin it open for crumbs. She cannot compete with those accomplished escorts and sugar babies out in Europe. Those women keep a naturally thin exotic and taut physique- think Naomi Campbell. No fake butts or amorphous thighs.
It's summer and she's broke and mad.

Tippie Hippie said...

An IDIOT and her phone.

Anonymous said...

Yall are harsh. The man claimed her publicly. Thats why she thought it was more than it was. Hes been cheating on Tiny from the start, but we havent SEEN him with nobody but her and Hoops, and that was 10 years ago. So in her mind this was going somewhere. She cant understand why he let it go this far if it was just a fuck.

She got caught up in a huge publicuty stunt to revive the careers of TI and Tiny. Shes got something to talk about when the Xsacpe interviews come, he shows the world he can bag a bad bitch but he LOVES Tiny, and the show gets renewed for another season.

Anonymous said...

I think folks are reading more into her post than they should.

I don't even think it is about "TI".
I just don't.
A lot of guys slide in her DM's.

I think she is doing this to make TI jealous

Granted her relationship with a married man is WRONG. #Fact

BUT let's not kid ourselves people.
Because some people want to believe that she was/is the average side chick getting crumbs and a little time when that is CLEARLY not the case.

He is buying this chick a Luxury vehicle.
Flying her & her daughter in to spend time with him AND shop.
Plus Flying out to spend time with her.
Buying her the SAME shoes he bought his wife
Even allowed her to Disrespect his wife WITHOUT checking her.
Plus she's calling his personal home numbers that he GAVE her getting in arguments with Tiny WITHOUT him checking her.

It's a Mess & TI is to blame.

Any woman who has been in a long term relationship ( if they are honest )
KNOWS when their man is stepping out on them with a quick piece of tail.
BUT they also KNOW when their man is getting serious with another chick and giving more of himself to her BESIDES his penis.

It hurts but that's Real & it does happen (Sometimes)

Tiny Loves this man MORE than he Loves her
But TI wants his cake & eat it too.
Bernice is exploiting this for her benefit.

Notice that none of his OTHER side chicks were this Bold.

Most men prefer 2 women in their life (minimum). That's reality unfortunately.

I don't think their relationship is over just yet BUT even once/if he goes back to his wife TI is not going to change.

He slept with Tiny's that tells you what kind of man he is.

Anonymous said...

Oh so the bitch getting a new purse and a Jet Blue flight to get her back blown out. Is that winning? Lol.

Anonymous said...

No, it's not "winning" but neither is being openly cheated on after subjecting yourself to multiple surgeries to keep a man who doesn't want to be kept.

Bernice Whoregose IS getting more than the average side chick, but sge is still a side chick. She just knows how to play the game to her advantage. He is stringing both of them along because he is a textbook Narcissist.
So nobody is winning....

Anonymous said...

Bitch stfu and stfd!! Idgaf if a nigga spends a million dollars a day on you and or your kids; that MAY equate he finds your pussy is good vs you being good enough to be wife(y) material. Slut Hoopz had more acknowledgement from him than you!! Enjoy your gifts while they last and play your role on your knees!!

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