Friday, July 28, 2017

Bernice Burgos Flamed by The Breakfast Club

Earlier this week video vixen Bernice Burgos tried to come for Angela Yee on The Breakfast Club claiming Angela disrespected her during a previous interview with La La Anthony [click here if you missed that].

Bernice ends up looking dumb after The Breakfast Club pulls the receipts...

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Chrissy Snow said...

Who is this video vixen?

Anonymous said...

What? Huh? What?

Anonymous said...

This girl is so bland. Girl go away.

Anonymous said...

This is the female TI was on the verge of leaving Tiny for recently. She's been dragged on the blogs for months for being a homewrecker.

Anonymous said...

ooooh she looks dumb asf right now... again...

Anonymous said...

she has no common sense. Please get an education Bernice.

Chrissy Snow said...

Thank you 9:09. I usually ignore TI stories.

JDent said...

A mouthy mistress. Clinging to the dwindling shine he once had. I think Clifford has banished her ass to the tower. Running her mouth up and down them E-STREETS.

Shutting the fuck up was her best course of action. But NOoooo she can't do that.

Video vixen is appropriate. She ain't cute. And she ain't educated.

Anonymous said...

shut up video vixen

YungBalla2008 said...

Ain't she in her 40s? What videos has she been in? She's NOT a video vixen at 42 years old.

Anonymous said...

And she ain't all that pretty. Some dude told her that, just to fuck, and she's been on one ever since.

Anonymous said...

I don't find her attractive at all her spirit is ugly and she will do anything to get ahead. She can't even string two words together and Mr. Dictionary was just screwing her because they sure weren't have intellectual discussions. She is stupid. She will continue to date married men wanting a relationship until she is 50. He will not leave his wife for you BB ever stop settling and get your esteem together.

Indi_flo said...

She DON'T want it with Angela. Do not lie on Yee. She gonna be Donkey of the Week!

Anonymous said...

I think it is sooooo funny that people still use that 1950's antiquated term "homewrecker". If your husband leaves your for another woman --- he wrecked the home --- he decided to leave --- nobody forced him to leave --- nobody knocked him out and put him in a sack and stole him. HE disrespected the marriage and HE wrecked the home. The only people required to respect a marriage are the two people in it who made the vows to do so.

JDent said...


BULLSHIT. Women need to have self esteem. I have been hit on by married men and men in relationships.

My response is that I don't date or fuck with men
who are attached. Because if I got involved I too, would be responsible.

Now I do think the wife needs to beef it out with the husband. Unless said tramp comes through for the wife.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:41 I agree with you to a degree

Yes, EVERYBODY is responsible for their own actions.

It seems like jilted wives always need someone to blame knowing full well that they married a chronic cheater & a known Liar.

Those type of men do NOT keep wedding vows.

As long as there are men willing to cheat there will be women willing to do it.

Plus nowadays A LOT of married men actively seek out relationships on-line & in person.

These women aren't chasing them
Usually it's the other way around.

Also in this day & she telling females that
"He isn't leaving his wife for you"
Is far LESS applicable then it use to be.

These men today are leaving their wives Left & Right and the high Divorce rate is a testament to that fact.

I am NOT advocating for this but just giving an honest observation.

Make & Female whores have been around a long time. So choose your mate wisely.

On Topic:

Bernice is a Pretty airhead.

TI is a male whore & always has been

Tiny KNEW what she was getting into

BTW I find it funny how Bernice is doing a Breakfast Club Interview

While TI is "conveniently" on vacay

Coincidence OR Well timed & planned ?

Anonymous said...

Damn 9:32; Thanks and it's heartening to see somebody is old school and understands the game.

Anonymous said...

In other news, Angela Yee got roasted by Lil Duval on Friday's The Breakfast Club for hatin while hoeing with Plies! It was hilarious!! I had to see it 4 times already!!!! LMAO on the Floor!! I kind of like her and all but Thats what she gets for throwing shade and low key shade around while being an undercover hater and ho!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep. Not all men cheat. Im married to the most loyal and deserving man. He actually allowed me to leave the workforce and be a housewife in 2017! Ive been with him 14 years and have never had the issue of infidelity. Early on, I used to think something was wrong with him because how could he not cheat? How could he REALLY only want me? As worthy as my father had raised me to believe I was, I truly didnt own that myself. I have never been happier. I see all the misery in the media, in the lives of my family and loved ones, and I truly cannot relate. I got a good one. AND the killer part is I never knew that this kind of man existed. Praise Yah!

Anonymous said...

These glorified side ho's be so appealing til they get left with Herpes and all other untreatable shit.

Anonymous said...

Both these hoesbare dumb as fuck. First the jump off can only have sentences with the "you know". And she thought she was gonna intimidate Angela's ounk ass and the guys weren't gonna jump in? Stupid people that lie alot rarely listen because they are attention fiends. She is so called popping off but as soon as Envy says thats not what anyone was indicating the dumb bitch says exactly like he agreed with her. And its good that she keeos calling herself pretty it will ensure that no one else does.
And Angela cant be the person that throws a rock and hides her hands, if you start shit you gotta back it up. Not in this instance for once but how you got a nobody bitch sitting there telling you how to do your job and how to interview lala or anybody else? Angela start too much shit to be pussy. She needz to evaluate her life.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Angela was highly embarrassed for which she deserved. She DID get her ass handed to her, her fake higher than you self got her dirty laundry got aired publicly!

Anonymous said...

@ 1:29 Riiiiiight

And you are just so happy about your "prefect marriage" that you are on a gossip blog site and felt compelled to specifically comment on a thread about a mistress being interviewed & the topic of adultery/ cheating husbands...

An issue that "doesn't" pertain to you at all

That sounds totally believable.

I praise Yah as well.
But I'm also aware of the Rampant cheating within the "Hebrew culture".

Sister wives all over the place.
A bunch of fornication before convocation.
They even justify it.
It's disgusting.

But I'm sure it doesn't apply to "your" assembly.

Girl bye !!!

Getting cheated on happens to the best of us & it's more devastating when you strongly believed that he was actually being faithful

Ladies, keep your eyes open.
Men are out here screwing raw dog and contracting std's then going home and sliding right in bed with their wives.

Marriage is not std prevention.
Foolish to think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

@6:45 kill yourself. Nobody will notice. Miserable bitch!

Anonymous said...

who the fuck is this video hoe?

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