Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Lil Duval Defends Transgender Comments

Last week The Breakfast Club caught heat after guest comedian Lil Duval said in an interview that a transgender women would have to die if she waited till after they had sex to tell him she used to be a man [click here if you missed that].

Duval stands by his statements...

Lil Duval tells TMZ
“I’m trying to figure out do y’all see why did I say what I said?"
"I said that because they were saying, taking away someone's power of choice, and that's what you did." 
"When you take away somebody's power of choice, it should be criminal and you don't know what that can do to somebody psychologically. I don't got no problem with transgender, I ain't got no problem with gay people. I got a problem with somebody trying to take something from me."


Anonymous said...

Damn this geechie is so annoying. He is starting to protest too much.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with what he said, that is how all straight men feel. He didn't say he wanted to murder trans people he just said if a trans woman tried to trick him into thinking that they were a real woman then that might be his reaction. I'm need trans people to stop with that since of entitlement. If a trans person doesn't disclose their true identity before hand then they just have to deal with the repercussions. THE END

Anonymous said...

Lil Duval doesn't have to worry about some tranny tricking his ugly country ass. Lil Duval is the trick he has to pay for pussy.

Anonymous said...

1. How do we know most of these trannies HAVE disclosed and still got murked anyway. People lie all the time.

2. When you take into consideration the high homicide rate amongst black men; I find it sad for everyone to justify more death. And save me the moral indignation, I find it hard to believe that any man would not know if his chick had a penis. Don't insult my intelligence.

3. How come females who transition to males somehow ALWAYS fly under the radar. I don't see anyone protesting any FTMs right to use men's bathrooms.

Anonymous said...

Stop making excuses & stop criticizing Lil Duval because it is Lil Duval. I have yet, to meet someone who does NOT like being lied to or tricked. Period.
Stop giving passes for stupid reasons.

Ma'at Morris said...

He said nothing wrong that is his truth they try to slander or intimidate anyone whi dont agree with they agenda I am so tired of these dam gays they think they are privileged comedians talk about everybody fuck they feelings

Unknown said...

@7:22. Being speculative much?

LOOK, all BS aside, this dude is ONLY referring to people who mislead you into making a decision that under ordinary circumstances, you wouldn't.
He is not justifying anything but his reaction and who knows who did/did not lie in any situation? A bit speculative? Let this idiot midget live. I am a woman and can say with 100% certainty that if I am manipulated into something I have a moral issue with then my MORALS are out the window!

Anonymous said...

Yes NObody IN THEIR RIGHT MIND wants to violated, tricked, deceived, and humiliated!!!!

Anonymous said...

ALL STRAIGHT MEN do not feel like this,no one can speak for all. Transgendered people do not owe anyone disclosure of their past. The only reason to disclose intimate details is when they feel comfortable. Guess what? Some men knowingly sleep with pre-op trans girls and because of guilt and societal shame, have sex and kill the trans girl anyway. Duval is a idiot who needs to give up comedy.

JDent said...

I don't even like BC but I will watch it now. Why boycott him for HIS opinion. Cause these SIRS don't boycott shit for us as far as I can see.

His opinion doesn't have to be right. However, I defend his right to say it. Cause if trannies would divulge their gender up front, then that would give the other person a damn choice.

Appears to me they're afraid they can't pull men in without intentionally deceiving. High self esteem can be their friend.

Anonymous said...

He said nothing wrong.You niggas would be mad if a Tranny tricked you into sex. Then again majority of you niggas are down low gay and probably have no problem with it since you lead with your dicks anyway.

Anonymous said...

He is a bonafide crack baby.

Anonymous said...

There's only 2 groups of ppl who find an issue with what he said: the trannies who's out here tricking ppl and not being upfront, and the men who actually like sleeping with them on the DL.

People are too focused on his reaction and skipping over the cause. His words aren't the issue here, it's the deception. But of course the LGBT community wants to skip over that part.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything he said. Trannies are notorious for tricking men into sex with the belief they're really women, when they are not. Then, they go back and laugh about it with their tranny friends. Now they want to act like victims. Fuck outta here!

Anonymous said...

To: 10:30 AM

Are you kidding me????? Of course they need to disclose their past, especially if they're a man who is transitioning into being a woman. It's part of their sexual history. Straight men aren't interested in fucking men, or they would be ok with it. It's those who are manipulated into believing these fools are real women when they are not who become enraged. There's a reason why those who are bi-curious or interested in transsexuals go dl, they're embarrassed and ashamed.

Soul Touch said...

Your bsing me, right? I don't give a shit about your sexual history but I do have the right to know if you are transgender and we are about to have sex then I deserve to know! No one has the right to take away my right to choose. To mislead, deceive and lie is disgusting and selfish. Love who you are, be who you are. It don't impose yourself on me

Anonymous said...

A man cant transition into being a woman. And a straight man aint with it. Stop playing around with folks who aint with it. That just may get you phucked up. You cant force a str8 man to accept play pu$$y. Trans want respect you gotta give it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Everybody ain't GAY! And Everybody Don't Want to Be FORCED and TRICKED INTO BEING GAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Aside from threatening (jokingly) to kill someone, his position is valid. The fact that someone is trans is rather important - not everyone, regardless of whether they are supportive of the life choice - wants to deal with a mate that was a different birth gender before they met. I don't have an issue with trans people, but I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with one. My question is this though, because I have heard people say that trans people don't have an obligation to disclose, why is disclosing such an issue? If you are comfortable with yourself, shouldn't you be unafraid to speak the truth of who you were and now are? I disclose a lot of randomness about myself to potential mates just so they understand what has formed my life perspective and what they are getting into if they date me. How is this any different?

Anonymous said...

What if a transgender lady thought she was getting with a straight man only to find out its really a lesbian stud. I'm sure they'd be pissed too.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:53
@ 10:30
@ 1:34 Soul Touch
@ 2:33

((((( EXACTLY) ))))

These individuals want the freedom of choice to do this and the choice to do that

BUT they don't want Straight men to have the choice to know what they / who they are dealing with them.

Trans men = Hypocrites

LGBT = Bullies

Anonymous said...

1:13 said it all. Why else would anyone be angry about
about lil duvals comments? Things such as this, sexual orientation, STD status etc need to be disclosed up front and prior to dealing with people intimately.

Anonymous said...

Lieing or deceiving someone means you are embarrassed of your actions aka secret.

So if one is so embarrassed of being trans why do it?

Whether Duval was a crack baby or not tall enough for some of you is beside the point and deflection. He is allowed his opinion on what he prefers to do with his sex life and how he may react to being sexually violated by someone of the same sex pretending to be what they KNEW he was seeking sexually.

The Breakfast Clubs problem is that they created a platform for all thos bullshit.

They are a radio show and it uses to be that radio shows had guests that were in the music business. Now they have anybody running through getting interviews and airtime as if they are famous.

Joseline up there talking about she dont wanna talk about Stevie which is the only reason she is relevant.
The lady boy Mock using a totally different interview to try and sell his books and get more syndicated interviews.
That BB bitch who had nothing to talk about other than how beautiful she is. She spent more time talking about herself looking for new sponsors than promoting her pajamas or whatever. She did mention though that she jumped in a fight when her daughter was getting her ass kicked.
Then Regina Hall talking bout a dying dog when she supposed to be promoting a movie.

They veered from music artists to just anybody having access to them and this is what they get.Everybody looking for a come up. And they are comfortable with their controversial ways but big radio names have been fired in the past see wendy williams and star and buck wild.

Interview professionals and interviews won't go left.

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