Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Michael Jackson Molestation Case Dismissed

Back in 2013 former Michael Jackson protégée Wade Robson accused the King of Pop of molesting him as a child, despite testifying in Michael's defense during the infamous 2005 child molestation case where Michael was acquitted [click here if you missed that].

Now Wade's case has been thrown out...

This week the Los Angeles County Superior Court tossed Wade's case because he waited too long to file his claims.

Wade plans to appeal.



I never believe anyone who waits until someone is dead to make accusations. Say bye bye to any hope of dancing professionally.

Anonymous said...

Um...the first accusers father wanted to go into the recording biz with MJ and he refused...he then used his son against MJ in the first case...lying sack of shit committed suicide shortly after MJ died. I wonder why. Good riddance.

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