Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Jordan Peele Nominated for an Academy Award

Comedian Jordan Peele nominated for an Academy Award for directing Get Out...

The Nominees for Best Director are
Christopher Nolan - Dunkirk
Jordan Peele - Get Out
Greta Gerwig - Lady Bird
Paul Thomas Anderson - Phantom Thread
Guillermo del Toro - The Shape of Water
Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya is also nominated for Best Actor in a lead role.

Daniel is up against Denzel Washington for Roman J. Israel, Esq and some other guys.

Get Out is also nominated for Best Original Screenplay and Best Movie of the Year.


Anonymous said...

I just might get the DVD for GET OUT!
The clips for the movie look good.
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Anonymous said...

Peele for the win. Hollywood ain't never seen nothing like it--they're so befuddled by it they don't know if it's a comedy, a horror movie, a suspense movie...that's the mark of a great director.

One who can confuse your whole shit and still have you guessing, talking and opening up a dialogue long after the movie has left theatres.

Congratulations in advance, Jordan.

Anonymous said...

Get Out is a good movie, I enjoyed it very much.

It's not a great movie. Sorry.

Dunkirk for the win.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fuck this coon. Every black male director in the movie has a white wife. The singer of Redbone aka stay woke has a long standing history of anti black woman routines.

COOLKID said...

@10:05 am... Spike Lee has a black wife, Antoine Fuqua has a black wife, John Singleton has never been seen dating a white woman, (Sisters only), Ryan Cooler is engaged to a black woman, Malcolm Lee has a black wife, Denzel Washington, (who has directed a few films), has a Black Wife, F. Gary Gray's wife is black, Reginald Hudlin's wife is black... Do yourself, and all of us a favor, Respectfully, and SHUT THE FUCK UP! You sound like a dumbass! Get your facts straight, MORON!

Anonymous said...

@10:20...now i know you don't expect people to let something like facts get in the way of them sounding like a fool. you have to stop expecting anything out of idiots.

dreadee said...

"and some other guys" I love the shade.

Anonymous said...

@10:20 What does this have to do with Get Out? Did Spike lee direct Get Out?

Donald Glover is a woman hating cuckhold.

"in one of his stand ups he talks about loving when non black women call his penis "n*gger dick" in bed & that can instantly make him cum."

Another quote from Misogynt Gambino aka Donald Glover.

" I think it's odd that you can't joke about rape, when people joke about murder all the time. A lot more people are dying than getting raped. I think it's a comedian's job to make everything funny. Nothing is off-limits."


"most hoes poke holes in Trojans"

His song Redbone is full of racist Anti-black female colorist hypersexual content.

Fuck you.

COOLKID said...

@11:00 AM no fuck yo mama! Obviously you can't follow a conversation, (THE ONE YOU APPARENTLY STARTED), "Every black male director in the movie has a white wife"... You can't construct a proper sentence let alone follow a convo. And further more why are you worried about who is married to who you dip shit!

Just an observation said...

Stop acting like a black woman would date Jordan Peele. Stfu with that bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Well I remember reading an article Jordan Peele always wanted to date black women, but they never found him attractive.

Anonymous said...

they always say that

Chrissy Snow said...

Jordan is not Black he is biracial.
Anyway, I like the guy and don't care who he's married to. I hope he wins but the war movie will probably take it.

Just an observation said...

If niggas don't want Whoopie then bitches ain't gotta like Jordan Peele. Ugly black become successful and all of a sudden, niggas care about the color of their spouse/significant other. You broke motherfuckers are funny!

COOLKID said...

@Chrissy Snow... "Jordan is not Black he is biracial"... Barrack Obama is NOT black? He went down in history as the "First Black President" Halle Berry is not black? She won the Academy Award for best Actress as a "Black Woman". Last I checked, society classifies a person as black if they have a "drop" of black blood in them. Mullatto is what they call them.

Anonymous said...

I see the quotes and facts about this little production was ignored.

The theme song for the movie selected by Jordan from artist/comedian Childish Gambino also known as Donald Glover is about a male sexually fetishizing a light skin black woman.

A "Redbone"...who he says his demanding him sex he is entitled to. Producer of the song is white.

Glover also has a large Asian female fetish. He says that Fillapino girls are the black women of Asian women.

Chrissy Snow said...

No he isn't. Contrary to what they want us to believe, Obama was born to a White woman and raised by her White parents. I'm all for people being with who they want but I refuse to abide by racist America's one drop rule. Biracial people are just that, biracial.

COOLKID said...

@Chrissy Snow then if that is the case ALL OF US are biracial people! If you trace your DNA I guarantee you that you will be a mixture of all kinds of nationalities!

Chrissy Snow said...

Are we debating nationality or race here?

If we are talking race then yes we all come from diverse backgrounds but I don't see White people jumping up to claim biracials, in fact they created the one drop rule just so they wouldn't have to. Why doesn't anyone question them for not claiming Obama as one of their own?
I can't believe it's 2018 and people are still abiding by a racist mandate White men created to not claim their darker hued heirs.

Anonymous said...


No all of us are NOT biracial people. Having two parents of different races make you biracial, having white relatives just means you have mixed ancestry. And no all those people you mentioned are NOT black, they are biracial based on their parentage, period.

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

Jordan better win that shit!!! Get Out was that movie!! I thoroughly enjoyed that movie, he is a very talented brother, also look like an older version of my oldest grandson. They better do the right thing and give this brotha his academy award.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Peele is over talented and the movie was so good. It was directed very Well but the subject matter is what got my vote. For a black man to touch this extremely important yet unnoticed subject is unheard of AND brave at the same time. Go Jordan!

Anonymous said...

he won't win. Only 2 women (both white) has ever gotten that. It is a money game and a boys club. Steven Spielberg didn't even get it for Color Purple...it goes deep but eh it's nice to be acknowledged. The sister over theAcademy is reppin' for the culture. Significant 180' since the Oscars so white campaign. Applaud her, at least now we are getting some acknowledgement. I will still root for all the black people in my Issa voice.

AJ said...

Please stop!
There is only one race, the human race.
"Race" as a description of color is a social construct only invented to marginalize humans with more protective melanin.

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