Thursday, March 15, 2018

Amber Rose Lying About Break-Up Rumors?

Yesterday Amber Rose denied rumors that she and rapper 21 Savage were broken up after he unfollowed her on social media [click here if you missed that].

Is Amber lying about the break-up..?

Sure sounds like it.

From People Magazine
“They are definitely off,” a source confirms to PEOPLE. “They are not together.”
The pair — who unfollowed each other on Instagram earlier this week — were last spotted walking hand-in-hand on Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles.


Anonymous said...

that nigga cock-eyed like a mothafucka. oh no eyeball baby what is you doin?

Tippie Toes said...

Why is she always getting caught in lies this is sad

Anonymous said...


You Ain't Got 2 Lie 2 Kick It...Craig!!!

Anonymous said...

heavily filtered pic,the amber thing , and 301b s of makeup on top of that wtf!!!

The King Of The Real said...

He figured her out. He done with the games

Anonymous said...

that hand in hand thing always fake always for the cameras seem like all these ppl with extra "
hqpppy lookin-" pics shot in public are fake

Anonymous said...

He young, hr got some money, and he look, talk, act, crazy as fuck 24/7. Wtf other than banging an aging ex stripper, why would her slut walking ass really think this was something he wanted long term? She like Ms Johnson on friday. Nothing worth more than a little fling. She sad as hell

Anonymous said...

Ok do this has nothing to do with these two except the photos.

So this teenage boy that likes my daughter went in on her this morning talkin bout she look like a shaved mango with acne. Omg hahaha right? I could tell it hurt her feelings because she does like him but she had to curve him cause he started kickin it with her friend. So I SAID he's so black that when he eats tootsies rolls he gotta wear gloves to keep from eating his he's offended. Foh
Why is that dark people can go in on us but when the clap back gets REAL they mad? And don't start with that "well historically" bullshit eithier cause he went in first and ion wanna hear none of that shit...and yea I stepped up for my baby cause she got caught off guard and couldn't quick enough. I hit em with the you so black when I clicked on your profile pick I thought my phone died and that deaded it with the little maggot. The fucking nerve!
And yes we are black but just a golden hue.

Anonymous said...

1:48 PM How old is the child? You couldn't have spoken to his parents?

A know a lot of dark skin people that get bullied from light skin individuals but neither are acceptable or tolerable

I'm surprised he went in on your daughter in your presence. He may have not even been about her complexion, he could have been referring to her size.

Adolescents roast each other, it the thing to do now. He may have did it because he liked her, but an adult should never put themselves on the same level as a child.

Anonymous said...

Nah it wasn't her size she tall and lean. He's a jokester type and he thinks everything is funny but this was not.
Normally I would let her handle it because she is able but I just kinda snapped because I could see it hurt her because she s self conscious about her acne. He knows that too and that's why he did it...and that's why I did it. Nothing is off the table though when it comes to my children. I can't stand back and watch somebody try to scorch when I got fire too idc how old or whatever.
This ain't the first time I've had problems with this boy. I mean he can be very respectable when he gets checked but sometimes he gets outta line. His mama can't do nothing with him eithier. She sending him to live with his father

Thank you though for your response. I don't like doing that because we got enough shit to worry about and should be working together but dammit he caughtme off guard today and no I don't think i was supposed to hear it..but I did.

I try not to be that person but Imma need some of these folks to try to.

Anonymous said...

Oh he's 17

L. Eller said...

@2:51 then do what you gotta do!!!!! Stand up for your daughter!! Let her see that even mama knows it’s not acceptable to take ish from no man! He almost grown and I would’ve gone hard, too. He tried to exploit your daughter’s insecurity to get some laughs. Not cool. I don’t like this culture of roasting. That’s why teens are more depressed than ever. In my state, teen suicides are up. Our kids need parents to stick up for them and guide them in this cruel new frontier. If it ain’t social media, it’s social embarrassment. They can’t win!! I’m 34, and I’m so glad I came of age in the late 90s/early 2000s without constant lenses and pressures to be perfect and look like I’m happy and having fun all the time.

As for the light skin, dark skin thing. Who cares ... he roasted your daughter first. It ain’t like she started in on his color. People who love to dish out BS can’t take it. If he wouldn’t have started something, it wouldn’t have been nothing. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Anonymous said...


Get His Ass Mamma.....Sometimes I Feel Like Going Up To My Daughter's High School & Whip Some Of Those Kid's Asses Myself.....But I Ain't Trying To Catch A Case.....And I Know That I Would Be In The Wrong 4 Fucking Up A Kid.

But I Will Get Their Little Asses Together In A Minute When I See Them @ Parent/Teacher Conferences (With Their Parents By Their Side) And Most Of Them Be Very Respectful OR Trying To Play Dumb.

All-In-All....I Be Like.....I WISH A MF Would!!

Anonymous said...

@4:42 that's what I'm talkin bout.
He wrote a check that his ass couldn't cash.

@5:47 Yes they do get all doe eyed when the parents come then the excuse be oh he's just a child cause they ain't raised him worth a shit.

Thank yall..i betcha he won't pull up with that nonsense over here again. Ijs

Just an observation said...


Terry of fakeababydotcom said...

Maybe yes, maybe no! :'D

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