Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Brandy and Sonja Norwood Battling with Princess Love?

Insiders claim Brandy and her mother Sonja Norwood skipped Ray J and Princess Love's baby shower after getting into it with Princess...

From TMZ
Sources tell us that both Brandy and her mother, Sonja Norwood, skipped Ray J and PL's shower Saturday after the women got into a war of words the day before.
We're told Brandy and Sonja attended a gender reveal party Friday for Ray and Princess' soon-to-be-born child -- which is probably gonna be a girl -- and got into it with the mother-to-be over what they perceived to be online shade toward Ray J.
Sources say Brandy and Sonja demanded that PL apologize to Ray J, and that started a huge fight. Princess Love told the two ladies to mind their own business ... adding they had no right to weigh in on her relationship since they couldn't keep their own together.
Meanwhile on the day of the shower Sonja Norwood made this cryptic post on Instagram.


Anonymous said...

Sonja and Brandy need to get a life damn I know Princess tired of their messy trying to controll Ray J relationship assess

Anonymous said...

Brandy left a message saying this isnt true and she had a show that she pushed back to attend the Gender reveal.

PS: Didn't the media report that Brandy was preggo herself. Guess it was just fat unless she's an elephant.

Anonymous said...

Sonya needs to aologize to Brandy for the awful way she treats her then Ray j for those disgusting sex tapes he allegedly has of Whitney and the way he treats women in general. Let's start there.

Anonymous said...

I take back my 8.19 comment. I saw Princess Love clap back under Brandy post basically confirming the original tea.

Anonymous said...

These 2 bitches need a life. Ray J was there by this girls side to celebrate the gender of their baby and these two SINGLE bitches like say aorry to him for something you may or may not have said that we read online? At her party too?

He would have had to hold my pregnant ass back from stomping one of them bitches!

Brandy ass is at BB's not that serious that she can't cancel for her little brothers 1st baby shower?Jealous bitches stay woth the lemon mouth.

That should be the LAST time they would ever be around me.

Harrassing that girl her whole pregnancy but nobody can't bring up a deadly car accident or a fake marriage or a hidden ashamed of pregnancy cause then we in people's business.

Anonymous said...

Although I feel that they should mind their business, Princess *knew* what she was signing up for. I hate women that marry mama's boys then get upset that he's a mama's boy. Like seriously? You knew what it was lol

Anonymous said...

brandy gig was in Virginia out of state and sonja is single???

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