Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Dijmon Hounsou Cast in Charlie's Angels

Actor Dijmon Hounsou cast in the latest Charlie's Angels reboot...
According to reports Dijmon Hounsou has been cast as one of three Bosleys in the new Charlie's Angels movie.

The other two Bosley's will be played by Elizabeth Banks and Patrick Stewart.


Anonymous said...

The person at the back - what exactly am I looking at? A dude with titties?

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

He's the type of nubian male I am attracted to. He's alo and excellent actor and can do better than that wack ass CA. I would love to see him play a villian in a marvel movie, also he should be in the next Black Panther 2 movie which I hope will turn into a franchise. I would also love to see a superhero movie of the Orisha's Loa's and Nkisi, where Dijmon play's Ogun or Shango, hell he can play Ochossi too. I am ready for our stories to be told. I would even welcome a god's of Egypt do over with all black actors who are the real descendants of those people. I would also love to see him and Idris in some type of well written black James bond/ Bourn Identity type movie, those two together in an action movie. Would bring in at least a billion.

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