Sunday, October 07, 2018

Katt Williams Arrested In Oregon

Comedian Katt Williams arrested in Portland, OR for attacking his driver...

From TMZ
Katt allegedly attacked the driver of a town car that was supposed to take him to the Moda Center Friday night after an argument about transporting his dog ... according to the police report.
Cops say the driver sustained minor injuries to the face -- including swelling and cuts -- and was treated at a local hospital. Katt left the scene of the alleged assault in another vehicle.
According to the report ... cops located Katt Saturday morning to investigate the incident and arrested him. They also discovered he had an out-of-state warrant.
As of Sunday morning, Katt remained in a Portland jail. Law enforcement sources tell us they have to wait until Monday to decide whether Katt will be extradited to Georgia where he faces a felony warrant.


Anon said...

Meanwhile Kevin Hart 's " Night School" has made $46M in the 2 weeks its been out. For those who thougjt it wouldn't generate $50M . stay hatin'.

The King Of The Real said...

HE just gets in trouble in the northwest

Anonymous said...

yea but yall let this lil ugly motherfucker do whatever he wants but women can't even wear the wrong skirt without yall going CRAZY!!. ""he told a joke one time and i laughed teeheehee" ATEEHEEHEE HELL!! " yall supply the batteries for his fuckers so queue the violins playing for this dusty leprechaun pill poppin line snortin abuser apologist fool!

Anonymous said...

6: 35 am aint nothing cute about a crack head junkie, they cannot be trusted, they dishonorable, cannot be believed, lies, steal, etc,. and a over all menace to themselves and others

Anonymous said...

This is life for him, whatchagonnado?!

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