Saturday, December 22, 2018

Matt Barnes Accuses Gloria Govan of Violating Her Restraining Order

Back in September Matt Barnes was granted a restraining order against his ex-wife Gloria Govan after she made a huge scene at their twin son's school during a routine custody exchange [click here if you missed that].

Matt accuses Gloria of violating the order...

From The Blast
Attorneys for both sides were in court on Wednesday morning where Barnes’ lawyer, Larry Bakman, argued that Govan is in violation of the restraining order he got against her last month.
Barnes claims that Govan has texted the kids on multiple occasions, initiated unmonitored FaceTime calls, came within 100 yards of their son at his football game, and used tracking software on their kids’ electronic devices to keep tabs on them.
Govan’s attorney, Mark Gross, argued that majority of the allegations do not constitute a violation of the order. Gross also stated he intends to file a motion to dismiss.
This is the second time Matt has accused Gloria of violating the restraining order [click here if you missed that].


Happy Pants said...

Gloria is going to end up in jail. Matt doesn’t seem like he is playing around when it comes to setting boundariès for Gloria and the kids. I think she thought that he would be the irratiônal one

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Gloria still big mad Matt has found love again and has a new baby.
Goes to show her relationship with Derrick isn't what she made it out to be.
Get a job bitch and find something better to do.

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