Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Nene Leakes Questions If Husband's Cancer Is Karma for His Cheating

Nene Leakes speaks candidly about her struggle taking care of her husband Gregg following his cancer diagnosis...

In a video posted Youtube NeNe tells her fans,
"Don't put this against me...but as a caretaker you look at the person and be like,"You did so many different things to me" this the payback for the time you cheated on me? As a caretaker these are thoughts that go through your head."

In the beginning of the video NeNe expresses her fear of losing Gregg because she doesn't know who cuts their grass and cleans their pool or even which utility companies they use.


Tracy H said...

WTF? Wow!

GiGi said...

I hope her karma is televised. She better quit before Greg goes into remission and she gets sick. Ole big feet bitch.

Yes, I'm That Leah said...

Didn't she cheat with him on his ex-wife? She's a cheater too... wow. This lady is insane.

Anonymous said...

Unpopular opinion but I can relate to Nene.. No one deserves cancer so I dont agree with that part. But the taking care of someone who hasnt always been caring too you, and expecting you to drop everything when they wouldnt lift a finger to help you??...its not easy, and it can make someone resentful.

Tippie Hippie said...

She is about to self-destruct. I can't believe she doesn't see the writing on the walls. She has no filter, thinks way to highly of herself, and suffers from Narcissism. Tread Lightly NeNe.

Anonymous said...

She sure knows how to flip the sensitivity card on herself. If Greg cheated I wonder what drove him to do it. That nastiness she displays for all to see is not an act. If she's like that towards females that are supposed to be her friends I can only imagine what Greg received.

Anonymous said...

I have been on both sides of that fence, no one deserves any terminal illness. Cancer don't care if you're vegan or not. So she better be careful

Anonymous said...

1:25... Exactly what I was thinking!

Anonymous said...

@ 1:11

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