Monday, April 15, 2019

Did Failed Tell-All Book Deal Lead to Michael Jackson Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

Michael Jackson accuser Wade Robeson secretly tried to publish a tell-all book before filing sexual abuse claims against the Estate of Michael Jackson...

From The Daily Mail
Michael Jackson accuser Wade Robson wanted to cash in with a tell-all book revealing sex abuse allegations against the King of Pop and wrote a personal note stating: 'It's time to get mine!', according to bombshell court documents.
Robson was so desperate to push his story out to the world that he approached a string of high profile publishing companies demanding a 'large amount of money' for rights to the book and even noted that his tale of abuse would make him 'relatable/relevant' as a victim.
But when publishers passed on his proposal frustrated Robson launched a doomed $1.5 billion civil lawsuit seeking damages from the Michael Jackson estate.
And according to court documents obtained by it took three years before estate attorneys became aware of his book project because Robson tried to hide it...

After [Leaving Neverland] was broadcast, Oprah Winfrey interviewed both accusers for a show called 'After Neverland' and Robson spoke of looking for a platform to tell his story, but talked only about pursuing legal avenues.
He said: 'Nine months into my healing, the question was ''Could I do something good with this bad? Is there a platform where I could tell this story where they [the Estate] would have to listen and be held accountable?'' For me, that's where it began, because one of those platforms is the legal system.'
But DailyMailTV has learned that it all began for Robson when he sat down, for at least an hour a day, to write out his life story in a bid to cash in on his connection to the superstar singer.
He then turned to Los Angeles-based agent Alan Nevins, of Renaissance Literary and Talent, to shop a book deal to both US and UK publishers in late 2012.
In an email between Robson and his literary agent Alan Nevins, dated February 27, 2013, the subject line is titled 'Our Secret Project'.


Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

Bottom line is if MJ did not have random ass boys sleeping over at his house, we would not be hearing none of these salacious tales, true or not. MJ, the thirst trap parents, enablers and his peoples are all responsible for this fuckery finest. When you so rich and yo ass has lost all touch with reality, every desire you have no matter how insane, is going to be catered to. The enabler around you don't give a fuck how crazy the shit looks. In life when you live your life by whatever code of conduct or principles is what you will judged on, celebrity or not. I'm not dazzled by celebrity status, often what is presented to the world are manufactured images and are rarely who they truly are behind closed doors. If you don't want your legacy to come into scrutiny and question don't engage in fuckery . It's a simple as that.

NicktotheNack said...

Preach it 10:39AM! MJ made people question his innocence by allowing such behavior to occur in the first place. It's odd, disturbing and troubling -- even if no abuse took place. Not a good situation for an adult to willingly, innocent or not, put him/herself in.

beantownbulli said...

I mean if he was a pedophile where are the rest of his victims. I mean JM was all over the world. A pedophile doesnt just abuse two kids and done.

NoNotToday! said...


Let me log in and thank you in person!!!! I have been too lazy to log in and been responding to your posts under Unknown for a minute or 3!!!! You speak nothing but the truth!!!!

$SexSymbols said...

The accuser is a prostitute. Michael was a prostitute. Oprah is a prostitute l

WiserWords2 said...

beantownbulli said...
I mean if he was a pedophile where are the rest of his victims. I mean JM was all over the world. A pedophile doesnt just abuse two kids and done.

12:35 PM

Try to keep up. MJ had MORE THAN 2 ACCUSERS.

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