Saturday, April 13, 2019

R. Kelly's Bank Account Overdrawn

This week news leaked that R. Kelly's former landlord was granted permission to seize money from Kellz bank accounts for unpaid rent on his Chicago recording studio [click here if you missed that].

The landlord is coming up short...

From The Blast
According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Wintrust Bank, where Kelly holds an account, informed one of his creditors (his former landlord) that the singer currently has a balance of negative $13 with them.
Kelly did have two other accounts with Bank of America — holding $44,595.58 and $110,056.64, for a grand total of $154,527.22 — but everything but $625 was seized by his former landlord to settle a massive debt owed.
ASCAP — the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, which collects money for artists — claims Kelly is not owed any money by them.


Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

And they're gonna keep coming up short while Kelz out here posting up in dive bars and lying about concert dates in Dubai.
At this point, we all have more money than him.

Rainy Dayz said...

Sad but deserving of his actions. That light is shining bright on him and he misses the dark.

$SexSymbols said...

He's a prostitute

Unknown said...

He IS NOT broke, he wants his child support reduced and will no doubt utilize this as a reason to go back to court again regarding it. He got some civil suits coming his way. He knew this last year. That money is somewhere else and he siphoned it out of his accounts slowly to avoid suspicion. He has a place at Trump Tower. He needs to move to a Harlem $2500 a month apartment with his cult and that will help push this whole broke thing he is trying to prove. I don’t believe he is broke

Anonymous said...

2:06 what entheetire fuck did you say?

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with what 2:06 AM said. I don't think he's broke either. He probably transferred money to off shore accounts, and his girlfriends' accounts.

He tried to lie and say he had a scheduled performance in Dubai, but the judge found out that he didn't have a scheduled performance in Dubai, so he denied him permission to travel there. Dubai has no U.S. extradition law, so he could have stayed in Dubai without ever coming back to the United States. Roman Polanski has done this, so R. Kelly probably thought that he could do the same thing. If he's sneaky enough to attempt to travel to another country that would protect him from returning to America, then he's definitely slick enough to hide money.

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