Monday, April 29, 2019

Rocko Sued Over Child Support in Georgia

Rocko Da Don sued for child support by the state of Georgia...
According to reports the state’s special assistant attorney general filed a case against Rocko after his alleged baby mama applied for Medicade for their daughter.

Tinashel Phillips claims she was in a relationship with Rocko and hadn't slept with any other man at the time she conceived her child who was born in 2006. She also claims Rocko has given her $2000 over the years, but has never been consistent with support and has only seen the child seven times. 

The state wants Rocko to support the child or provide DNA to prove he is not the father.

The Attorney General’s Office previously sued Rocko over the child, but a judge dismissed the case in 2016.

Rocko has not responded to the new filing.

Fun Fact: Rocko has two children with R&B singer Monica.


Malika said...

Reason number 14 I'm ready to tie my tubes. Folks wanna spread their seed, talking about nation building, feeling big and bad for having babies, but then start turning their pockets inside out when its time to pay for them. *News flash* Christmas presents, back to school clothes, birthday presents, and medical bills don't just magically get paid, somebody gotta do it!

Anonymous said...

Idk who this dude is but he looks like a clown. This story is proof that he really is one.

Anonymous said...

Rocko Da DON'T...Bwahahahahaha!!!!! Stop breeding with these ghost dads.

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