Monday, May 27, 2019

Clermont Twin Opens Up About Dead Sugar Daddy

Last month Clermont Twin Shannade Clermont from The Bad Girl's Club was sentenced one year in jail after pleading guilty to going on a shopping spree with the credit card of a man who died of a drug overdose after their "date [click here if you missed that]."

Shannade explains what REALLY happened...
From Page Six
“He wasn’t asleep when I left — he was just drunk,” an emotional Shannade told The Post. “I have never been around people who have been on heavy drugs, so I didn’t really know.
“It was like, ‘Oh, he was a drunk mess.’ I was annoyed . . . [I thought] he was playing games. So I just left.”
She admitted she took his card and, over the next few months, went on a $20,000 shopping spree, using it to pay her rent, purchase flights and splurge on Valentino shoes, a Philipp Plein jacket and Beats headphones, among other luxury items.
But it turned out Alesi wasn’t playing. The day after their date, he was found dead in his East 53rd Street apartment from an overdose of cocaine mixed with fentanyl.
Shannade said she didn’t find out Alesi had died until later, but she agrees the situation looks bad.
“From the outside looking in, it looks like I knew he was dead and was like ‘haha’ . . . and that’s really sick,” said Shannade.
Shannon, also at The Post’s interview, defended her sister, saying it’s “sick” anyone could think that Shannade knew Alesi was dead or dying and that she didn’t call 911.
But Shannade has faced public criticism — after all, she kept spending even after Alesi’s death — thanks in part to the sisters’ often brash, shameless personae.
“The thing was, he was known as a sugar daddy — very known,” Shannade said. “He’s not, like, an innocent person.”


Anonymous said...

“The thing was, he was known as a sugar daddy — very known,” Shannade said. “He’s not, like, an innocent person.

Burn in hell you souless bitch....

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

How you wearing a push-up bra and still look manly in the chest?

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

Fuck this soulless tranny prostitute. This bitch needs to be put down.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm Sugar daddies are not bad people. They are....innocent people! They like their s.o. young...but legal. Sugar daddies are known to date girls in their mid-20s. Some you don't even have to fuck. This bitch.....

Anonymous said...

He was a sugar daddy, therefore, you keep the cash cow alive. That's basic hustling. Don't hustle backwards, and fuck up the cash flow. If he wanted to get high, make sure he ain't too high to keep paying them bills.

Clearly these females had too much going on to focus on the bottom line, protect the cash flow. Period.

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