Thursday, July 25, 2019

Kelly Rowland Backtracks on Chris Brown Support

Earlier this month Kelly Rowland faced backlash after telling Chris Brown, "We Love You Chris!" in his Instagram comment section while his fan base was in an uproar over perceived anti-blackness on his Indigo album [click here if you missed that].

Kelly explains what REALLY happened...
Kelly Rowland tells OK Magazine ,
“I was actually in Australia. I did not realize … I was actually giving him credit for, was it a history? He had broken some sort of record, and I had said, ‘We love you Chris.’ Then I realized on the other part of that was something that was taken in the completely wrong way.”


Don balee me juh watch said...

She so used to having her nose so far up Beyonce’s light skinned ass that’s it’s become second nature to defend light skinned people even in their wrong doing. I guess someone let her know Fist Brown don’t give 2 stankin sh!ts about her Black butt !!

She realized how stupid she looked, especially after Beyoncé just released her song in support of Brown skin girls. I think Beyonce did that deliberately to make Kelly look like a fool and she the hero

LVBoogie73 said...

Kelly is a wonderful artist and I think she's actually better than Bey.

8:37 yeah, I think she has been conditioned over the years. Kelly is the consummate "kiss ass."

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Damn you can really see the toll the drugs have had on Chris. As for Kelly I find it ironic she loves this man who won't date women who look like her.

Anonymous said...

Lmao @8:37 Beyoncé already had that song. Some of y’all are really slow.

What record did he break, Kelly? Lol Must saying anything. He’d just released an album, girl.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that had to read her statement more than once?? And I still don't think she knows what she's trying to say.

Tippie Hippie said...

@ R

Yes very sad he looks like Skeletor.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

@ Tippie Hippie

He's like those crackheads that lose their looks but still think they're cute.

Don balee me juh watch said...

@9:40 am I’m 8:37 am

The chronological order of events are:

-Chris Brown disses dark skinned women

-Kelly co-signs Chris and supports him

-THEN last week Beyoncé releases “Brown skin girl” on the Lion King album and everyone goes wild and says how great Bey is for that.

-Now today Kelly wants to backtrack

Bey didn’t put that song out until after all the controversy- hence my point that it was deliberate and now she seems like the hero to Brown skin girls while Kelly abandoned them.

(I don’t really care I just have time today lol )

Anonymous said...

No you’re not. Kelly has a history of saying stupid shit.

Anonymous said...

@10:06 That's because she sounds like she's making it up as she talks. Lyin ass. You just so happened to make that statement when he so happened to be in the press receiving flack. Kelly stop it. Australia isn't some third world country without internet access. So don't pretend like you weren't keeping up with the latest news while you were there.

Anonymous said...

4:00 & 4:03

My thoughts exactly. 10:06

Anonymous said...

Confused Kelly. Background Kelly. Don’t want to russell any feathers Kelly. Meek Kelly. #2 Kelly. Strive to be successful just enough Kelly. I’m so sorry Kelly. I’m just Titan’s momma Kelly. I really didn’t understand that question Kelly. I’m just here for my girl Kelly. No backbone Kelly. The dark skin girl in the group Kelly. Beyoncé won’t let me great Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Many think she got a better deal than the other girls because they looked out for her. Tina snd Beyoncé made sure she wasn’t competition and so did Mathew. No reason why her music career isn’t better than what it is now. I was rooting for this beautiful sister to come out of her shell once they all went solo. Beyonce nipped that shit in the bud.
I’ll never forget watching a reality special Kelly did. She was in the studio singing a song that was different and out of her comfort zone. She was yelling but it was fire! Beyoncé gave a surprise visit. She was surprised that Kelly could sing in a loud range but still on point. Next thing you know Ring The Alarm was out and Kelly’s track was shelved.
You can’t tell me that Beyoncé didn’t see her as competition and decided to out do her. Industry niggas can’t say anything but they noticed it too. Beyoncé steals from everyone even her so called girls.

Anonymous said...

@3:34 I highly doubt Beyoncé recorded that song I’m the mere 3 weeks between her and Chris release dates, Alreadyin the works. and just like Beyoncé been talking that Black women are powerful shit, Chris has been color and hair texture struck...they both have remained consistent

Anonymous said...


What I saw on another site in reference to Beyoncé Brown Girl.
Funny how so many of our ppl praise Beyonce for writing a song about black skin...meanwhile Madonna gets called "old" "irrelevant" and gets NO support from our community and she is LITERALLY building schools, hospitals, and orphanages in a poor black country as well as adopted 4 african children and pretty much saved their lives....madonna has LITERALLY poured more money into helping our ppl than most black celebs combined and was hiring black dancers, singers and production crew BEFORE beyonce became a thing...but are we supporting her????????

The only thing she has been consistent about is making her skin white as possible. Black women empowerment my ass. It was about all women. She embraces african culture now because she was dragged from here to Timbuktu for saying she is creole. When she did that cosmetic commercial with the ancestry percentage it didn’t say shat about her african heritage. Blue was born with straight hair and then it’s natural ‘black’ texture took over. Bitch thought because her nephew has curly texture her child would be too.

Anonymous said...

Madonna is a satanist and is abusing those adopted children

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