Monday, July 22, 2019

No Charges for Man Who Harassed A$AP Rocky

Two weeks ago Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky was arrested in Stockholm Sweden after he and members of his entourage were caught on film brutally attacking two men who had been following them down the street [click here if you missed that].

The investigation into one of the two men has been closed...

The Swiss prosecutor announced today that no charges would be filed against one of the two stalkers after it was determined he acted in self defense.

Meanwhile Rocky and three members of his entourage remain behind bars.


Anonymous said...

He didn't believe black lives didn't matter. Welp.....clearly his doesn't over there.

Sure they are not going to charge the white guy because you saw multiple black men beating the guy up so that situation would rule out self defense on Mr. Soho Beverly Hills.

Lynny said...

I'm supposed to feel sorry for this bitch??


Black People Are The Real Biblical Israelites said...

behold....this is how the Lord JUDGES!!! Notice how the article says he's in "STOCKHOLM"...this COON has Stockholm Syndrome and he is receiving his PURE Judgement from THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE LORD OF HOSTS because of those COON COMMENTS his sucker azz made sometime back about "not being able to relate to the black struggle"

when you make COON comments about your own people, and you make those comments for the world to hear, this is what happens...this is what Judgement looks like. God aint playing with none of you COONS!

If you are a COON I suggest you quickly and expeditiously find a way to Uncoon yourself before you become the next nigga-coon Judged by THE GREAT LORD OF HOSTS..All Praises to the Name of the Lord!!! I pray they keep his coon azz locked up for the next 10years or more!!

Anonymous said...

So there is more to this story - figures.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

"...uncoon yourself" I love it. Asap Rocky doesn't know how to uncoon himself. He's too busy living like rich white folks in Soho and Beverly Hills. Funny how none of those aforementioned white folks care about his black azz now. Now he has all day to sit and stew in his misery and reflect on his life. Everything happens for a reason. If this situation doesn't change him for the better then he is truly a lost soul.
I'm so tired of these materialistic rappers/hip hop clowns who only care about cars, jewelry, clothes and being a whoremonger .

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