Saturday, November 30, 2019

Kimbella Forced to Vacate New Jersey Mansion

Jailed rapper Juelz Santana's wife and their three children forced to vacate New Jersey mansion...
From Bossip,
Last year, the bank sued Juelz Santana to evict Kimbella and their three children from the nearly $1 million five-bedroom four-bath McMansion they’d been renting. Chase accused the Santana family of “illegally taking possession” of the property and refusing to leave it after the bank bought it at a foreclosure auction in 2018.
Juelz and Kimbella had been paying $6,645.91 a month in rent on the place, but apparently fell behind, court papers state.
They later settled, agreeing that the Santana family would pay $40,000 in back rent and future payments of $5,000 a month would count toward’s purchasing the place. But the deal broke down and Chase sued them again, according to court papers.
The case was supposed to head to trial this month, but on the day of the hearing, both sides reported that they’d reached a settlement, where she’d leave and pay the arrears, court papers show. We’ve reached out to Juelz and Kimbella’s lawyer for comment.

The couple also recently lost their condo in New Jersey [click here if you missed that].  

Juelz is currently serving a two year prison sentence on gun charges.


Monique said...

Loud mouth Kimbella can't pay her bills!! Get off of REALITY TV AND GET A REAL JOB.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

I knew this post was coming. I'm surprised she didn't run to Dubai to do some yachting. Whatever happened to her clothing line?
Juelz's dumb azz making about 35 cents an hour right now.
They always lived beyond their means.

Unknown said...

Be friends with Gucci Mane's wife and learn something SMDH
This why these broads don't leave these guys when they "f" up or abuse or cheat in them, they would SINK AND DROWN.

NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

Another episode of living above your means, I don't see why these reality fools run out and purchase mansions, why not a cute 3 or 4 bedroom house for a few thousand dollars, why a million dollar mansion? do you have long term income to support the lifestyle you are trying to live? I'm so tired of reading about these tragic fools, my bored ass need not comment on these type fuckery, as it irks me to no end the thirst and stupidity of some of our people.

Anonymous said...

But this bird got a full body make over when she had the last kid they can't afford (the im going to jail baby) SMFH

Anonymous said...

Not a good look at all!! They would rather be evicted than find housing they can afford to avoid being a headline??? I don't get it. Why put your kids through that? I won't even go into the whole RENTING part. Fools with (temporary) money...I swear! smh

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