Friday, November 29, 2019

Ray J and Princess Love Not Back Together

This week Ray J shared pictures of his estranged wife Princess Love at her latest maternity photoshoot prompting rumors of a reconciliation after she threatened him with divorce for leaving her stranded in Las Vegas [click here if you missed that].

Princess is still planning to leave Ray J...

From ET
Ray J and Princess Love have not reconciled and are not going to couples therapy, a source tells ET.
Despite a recent report claiming the two have rekindled, ET has exclusively learned that Ray and Princess (who are expecting their second child, a baby boy) are not currently together as a couple.
The source adds that the two are in communication, but only over matters relating to their 1-year-old daughter, Melody.
As for why Ray and Princess were in the same room together on Tuesday (in a video posted to the singer's Instagram Stories at the time), the source tells ET that Ray volunteered to watch Melody while Princess was doing a maternity photo shoot.
ET has learned that Princess is still very much considering filing for divorce from her husband of three years. ET has reached out to reps for Ray and Princess for further comment.


Anonymous said...

Bull shit in this story because we all know he left his wife stranded to ho. Some T.I. and Riny shit! This nigga ain’t famous. He been played out since his one wish song. Seriously, what asshole trying to pay or promote this bitch ass nigga?! Who wants to see ray Jay in concert?!

Anonymous said...

Who cares! They need to divorce or fix their marriage. Do whatever but I'm sick of hearing about their two stupid asses. Grow up!

kupkake said...

They probably acting out. Hopefully they can get thuer lives back on track together. Its hard being a single parent raising 2 new children. Her support is thier But she will one wish she had the support of her husband if at all cost the seperate or divorce.

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