Saturday, February 29, 2020

Skai Jackson and Bhad Bhabie Trade Subs Over Restraining Order

This week former Disney star Skai Jackson was granted a restraining order against viral celebrity Danielle 'Bhad Bhabie' Bergoli after Bhad Bhabie threatened to kill Skai for taunting her over the Internet using a fake Instagram account [click here if you missed that].

Skai and BB react to the news....

After news of the restraining order went viral Bhad Bhabie shared pictures of her gold and platinum plaques with a caption about getting money verses getting restraining orders followed by Skai announcing she's been getting money since she was 9 months old.


Rainy Dayz said...

Whypepo will always be successful rappers. Massa Eminem got you house niggers in check and all his people will follow suit and black people will continue to praise and defend them.

They Call Me Cocoa said...

These two bitches ain't on nobody's mind or tongue during daily life. They have a circle in social media that only tune in to see the fight. Poof. Be gone.

LVBoogie73 said...

Bad Wanna Be does way too much. But, that cute as a button Skai Jackson is not the angel that she pretends to be. Skai is a "baby Nicki Manaj" in the making. Start shit behind the scenes; throw rocks and then hide those hands of hers. Oh, she now has become the victim. Hopefully they'll work out out. With some man or somebody else's man; Skai seems to stay in mess.
Everyone is not lying on her.

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