Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Ball Brothers Sign with Roc Nation Sports

All three of the Ball Brothers have signed with Roc Nation Sports Management...
LaMelo Ball's manager Jermaine Jackson confirmed the news to ESPN that LaMelo, Lonzo and LiAngelo made the decision as a family to sign with Roc Nation.

While Roc Nation will handle the endorsement deals the brothers are still training with their father Lavar Ball.


Anonymous said...

Off topic but since this is about sports:

Former NBA star Sebastian Telfair lost his mother and brother after they contracted the coronavirus, the New York Times reports.

Erica Telfair, 64, died Monday after Sebastian's older brother, Dan Telfair, passed away from the virus on March 28.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they believe RN will help them get profitable endorsements and not start struct for Hove/B.

Anonymous said...


That is so sad. And did you know a black man, the director of WHO, is leading the fight against the virus? And yet crackas and Chinks wanted to put blame of Blacks and Italians. Even when Blacks try to save lives, we're still blamed. Fuck China for real. That country needs to be bombed.

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