Friday, April 24, 2020

Kyle Richards Calls Out Garcelle Beauvais

This week Real Housewives of Beverly Hills new addition, actress Garcelle Beauvais, shaded veteran cast mate Kyle Richards, implying Kyle was the housewife she liked the least [click here if you missed that].

Kyle calls out Garcelle for being fake...
After Garcelle's shady comments went viral Kyle told Maria Menounos on 'Better Together,'
“Garcelle, who I had no issue with all season, she went on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ and said not nice things about me.”
“I’m always skeptical when someone is nice to you and then goes and says something else. If I have an issue with someone, I would say it, because that’s what our job is on the show is to be honest. So whenever someone is one way to my face and another way in an interview, then I’m like, ‘OK, I know what I’m dealing with now.'”


Anonymous said...

These old crows are fake news. Garcelle needs to find a Tyler Perry movie to act in.

ms mac said...

This snowflake talking shit like she's really about to do something except talk shit. Girl collect your reality check and be quiet. Nobody cares about the manufactured drama.

Anonymous said...

who cares!

fancy wants to hang around cave demons and have their cave demon children....hey! she can deal with their cave demon ways.

Monique said...

Kyle finally meet her match.

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