Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Cynthia Bailey Confirms Firing Rumors?

Over the weekend there were rumors that Bravo was planning to shake up the cast of all The Real Housewives franchises and that Eva Marcille and Cynthia Bailey were likely being fired from the Atlanta franchise.

Did Cynthia just confirm the news...?

Sure looks like it.

Last night Cynthia Bailey made a cryptic post about not giving up, even when you lose, and then removed all signs of RHOA from her Instagram bio.


☛☢Twitter☺Fingers☢☚ said...

I think she will be okay. RHOATL has gotten boring, just as the rest of the housewives. Rich, bored and arguing over stupid shit.

R in NYC said...

That show needs to be put out of its misery. She was smart to have backup business and income.

Anonymous said...

Something really nice and charming about Cynthia. She can be a lil immature with the bff bullshit but she seem cool. Least she got Mike and he seem like a win for her. Now Eva flip, flopping nothing to add to whole show ass can go. It's good she got her family, home, and career but all she gave was eye candy. Wendy told her the mess was not for her.

Rainy Dayz said...

They argue over dumb shit. Kenya provokes people and then cries victim when hands fly. She's the main person who stirs the pot but has the most issues out of everyone.
I've watched for all these years but this is the first season I missed episodes and didn't bother to go back and watch them. I still haven't seen the lastest reunion. I just feel it's time to let it go. It once had a fun purpose but now its land fill.

@10:05 yes wendy did and she was correct

Anonymous said...

I hope Mike doesn't cheat on her. Hes tooo long in the tooth for this behavior.

They have been trying to get rid of her for a while. She upped her personality by being feisty. She has been the rock for Nene and several others.

Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous. That's all I got. Wish I bought her Barbie doll.

Anonymous said...

She should be on the Beverly Hills version, she'd fit in very nicely.

Anonymous said...

They must be testing to see who will be missed, Cynthia get along with all of them and knows how to let shit go. Even Nene, who can make it without any of the others know a ride or die when she sees one. Fucked her head up this season when Cynthia was ready to live with or without her. If it is true that that Sheree and Phaedra coming back Cynthia will be needed to balance the energy or they will be too much bitchiness.

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