Thursday, June 18, 2020

Beyoncé and Jay Z Accused of Exploiting Jamaican Artist and Historian

Dr. Lenora Antoinette Stines, a 68-year-old respected Jamaican artist and historian, is suing Jay Z and Beyoncé after accusing them of misleading her....

In her lawsuit Dr. Stines claims Bey and Jay approached her in 2018 for help obtaining dancers for a video shoot in Jamaica and asked to record her thoughts about love. Dr. Stines claims she was told her voice would only be used for the video and that she needed to sign a release. Dr. Stines asked to take a picture of the release to send to her son in Florida, who is a lawyer, but the Carters assured her it was a standard release, that her voice would only be used for the video and that the document could not be sent to anyone for confidentiality reasons.

Later Dr. Stines was horrified when her voice was used for a single called 'Black Effect' from the Carter's joint album 'Everything is Love.'

Dr. Stines is suing for copyright infringement, right of publicity and unjust enrichment. She seeking undisclosed damages, legal fees, a portion of the publishing rights and a writer's credit.

You can read the legal doc here.


Anonymous said...

Wait she was ok for them to user her voice for the video but was "horrified" to hear it was on a single?

Come on man!!! If you want bread for them using your voice now just come out and say it, stop with the bullshit.

ReZen said...

10:08 AM She initially did it for the historical learning purpose. Not some bs single.

Anonymous said...

She was star struck and wanted some clout. Get the bag up front. You are old enough to know that.

Anonymous said...

Is Why They Hoe Ass Stay ‘On The Run’ -

#YouAreRich?WhoDidYouRob #TheLittle/UnknownPpl

Anon said...

Zzzzzzzzzz.....What else is new?.....Zzzzzzzz😩

R in NYC said...

Bey and Camel are use to being sued. Just add it to the list.

Anonymous said...

@10:08 Exactly...and honestly that doesn't make much sense to agree to just video usage knowing other media outlets will pick up & air. Her attorney was supposed to negotiate total usage rights and cover Everything upfront. All that sign a contract on the spot shit is ALWAYS shady..idgaf about your confidentiality MY lawyer needs to review b4 I sign..If thats a problem for you then I'm uncomfortable doing business w you...FOH

Anonymous said...


That's not what the statement above says it says she was contacted to help obtain dancers for a video and then they asked her to record her thoughts about love for a video.

Where did you come up with that she did it for historical learning? What the hell does that even mean?

Again I say, so she was ok for voice to be on the video but was "horrified" to learn it was on a single?
what happened was she signed the release then someone got in her ear, probably her lawyer son and told her she could've got some bread out of that since her voice made it onto a single.
come with the truth not some bullshit "horrified" line.

Anonymous said...

YES!!!!! she should have been on her game more, if they were pressuring you to sign on the spot. then you know they are pressed too, nah, hold your ground and have a lawyer look at the paperwork or consult with a knowledgeable person of these situations to see what you can get out of it.
don't come later with the bullshit that you "horrified".

Anonymous said...

They exploit everybody. What's new? And they are an ugly, gross, unsexy couple. Beyonce isn't ugly but get standing next to JayZ won't help make things better. They don't have that ability of being two average people looking sexy together like Will & Jada, Lebron & Savannah, and Gabrielle Union and Dwayne. Instead they look like medieval village drunks together.

Anonymous said...

She should have done better because she knows better. Contracts 101: Read and understand before signing. She trusted the devil and he came to collect. Cry yourself a river, build a bridge and get over it. Next case!!

Anonymous said...

Jay Z sharked his way through the industry to find his female counterpart. He stabbed, shot family members with malicious behavior in desire to conquer his fate by using others like western civilization narcissism. To watch us continue through this callous racism ONLY to brag that he has this genius idea of a blue print in how to forget you're black by having financial success. It all backfired cause we are uniting in diversity now and he is looking like the sell-out that he is throwing people under the bus. Will Smith and Samuel L Jackson should be billionaires. They've been in sooooo many high profile credited movies that I wonder who are the Carters paying to brag for them. This beautiful woman look like she's been patient enough!

kyllawilliams said...

she was horrified because thats not what she lent her voice to. maybe if she knew it would be used she would have agreed for writers credit and proper compensation but that was kinda the point of sending her off. u dont constantly make money off of videos but u do with singles. now she is foolish for allowing herself to be in this situation because this was jay and bey. i feel megan the stallion just did the same thing and it hasn't hit yet.

Jesse Love270 said...

She is a Dr., i.e., a person of higher learning with an advanced degree, yet she claiming that she does not understand, nor could obviously read a consent for release document? Sounds like someone wants a piece of the 2 + billion dollar empire. Also crazy, why would you need to take a picture of the release when it was obviously in your hand when you signed it? She had every right to take it home, read, sign, make a copy all on her own. There was no coercion. I mean really? Seriously, this is stupid.

NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

LMBAO I'm staying out of this one, I'm just here to read to comments.

@11:01 AM
I'm by no means a Bey and Jay fan, but I"m going to have to give my fellow Jamaican Yaadi the *side eye* on this one lol.

Anonymous said...

For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, ready?

This story is fake and is being used just to "talk" about these two jokers because their is absolutely no real moves or audience worthy action stunts going on right now for them.
Its so bad someone on their team thought of this booty scheme, non-payment filing?

The both of them have no live streaming presence or promotion presence it's radio silence unless it's a riot or a IG graduation speech, etc..

Where's the Ivy Park line? Where's the twins? Where's the money trips on private jets during covid 19? They regular mow and staying in 1 house?

Now if BnJ do a routine on lock down in their house called "We be Locked UP love love" showing off all their so called "wealth"? Now that will be something to talk about.

Until then it be "Black Effect Matters" LOL

Anonymous said...

@4:19PM I SO believe you and what you said has got to be something this is true but I already knew this. They pay people who want to eat in their circle to come up with quick thinking experiment schemes. They want to see where they stand but they don't understand it's not all about them. If not, they will have to fade out cause regular people are in reality. See, they think that regular people are just mad and it comes with the territory. NAW, it's that they all are part of the problem. It so happen the this generation is not with narcissism in what Cornel West said, "America social experiment failed>" Thanks for the confirmation.

Anonymous said...

sometimes you agree for either a single, or a video or both
Andre 3000 agreed to do the "party" single with beyonce and not the video (J Cole was in it)
I don't think she got this degree not knowing how to read and understand

Angie said...

Slime balls... Why not pay her... users

Anonymous said...

@4:09 here is another BS story like we really care about high end real estate loop holes, yada yada yada

The entertainment company filed a lawsuit Tuesday claiming Ivanhoe Cambridge delayed signing off on subleases for parts of the building

The suit says Roc Nation made plans for three tenants to sublease parts of its former HQ in Manhattan's Garment District but the landlord did not sign them
It claims Ivanhoe Cambridge is acting out of retaliation because Roc Nation stopped paying rent on the building back in late April

Roc Nation says it invoked a clause in the lease, freeing it from its contractual obligations amid the coronavirus pandemic

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