Friday, August 21, 2020

Omarion Suing Zeus Network

Back in February R&B singer Omarion partnered with Zeus to bring the Millennium Tour to the Black owned streaming network [click here if you missed that].

Now Omarion is taking Zeus to court...
According reports Omarion's company 'Omarion World Wide' just filed a lawsuit against Zeus and its owner Lemuel Plummer for breach of contract and fraud.

In his lawsuit Omarion claims Zeus agreed to pay him a monthly revenue share of all new subscriptions generated by interest in the Millennium Tour, provide financial support for the project and share all subscriber data. Instead Omarion claims Zeus immediately breached the contract and clearly never intended to honor their agreement.

Omarion is seeking $200,000 in damages.

Fun Fact: Blac Chyna's mother Tokyo Toni also accused Zeus of failing to properly promote her show or pay her as promised [click here if you missed that].


NyahbinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

Damn Omarion talented ass looking all type fine, with the locs in his head. Yes sue them raggedy hoes over as zeus tv, sounds like it's owned by a bunch of culture vultures who like to profit off black talent, but do not want to pay boycott them hoes, and get you a good bokor to put some shit on them. I don't play with the others, that 400 yr old ancestral beat down is always on layaway for their asses. In fact the 6,000 years we have had to endure of their raggedy asses on our planet, that 6,000 year spiritual ass whupping is always on layaway ready to be applied to all pale faces who step out their lanes.

R in NYC said...

Who the hell watches Zeus anyway?

Anonymous said...

@9:10 I'm pretty sure the owner is Black. I've never heard of a saltine named Lemuel.

Anonymous said...

TV ONE needs more black programing. At least they are established.

Anonymous said...

What are the numbers? I don't believe his Millennium tour pulled in that many people who were interested in watching it online. If I were Zeus, I would release the numbers and humiliate Omarion back into oblivion which would make it even harder for him to secure another deal and especially if he pulled in dismal numbers of subscribers.

Ms Tokyo Toni said...

Damn Shame Told you

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