Thursday, December 24, 2020

A$AP Rocky Spending Christmas in Barbados?

Earlier this year there were rumors that pop star Rihanna and Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky have taken their friendship to the next level [click here if you missed that]. 

The rumors shift into overdrive after Rocky is seen jetting into Barbados for Christmas...

From The Mirror  
ASAP Rocky sparked rumours he would be spending Christmas with Rihanna - as he jetted into Barbados.
Photographed arriving in the singer's home country on a commercial flight on Tuesday, ASAP - real name Rakim Mayers - was seen in the airport wearing a white T-shirt, patterned trousers and a face mask.
Rihanna, 32, was herself seen travelling to the Caribbean nation last week, although the Umbrella singer took a private jet.


Anonymous said...

His bread is not long enough for private jets.

Its a perfect match for them. He's the women and she's the man. Bloop

SnookumsLynn said...

I wish I was heading to the Bahamas... but seriously only way I'd fly these days would be private - Coronavirus on my damn nerves

NyahbinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

Nothing to see here, two beards enjoying the holidays in the islands, eating curry goat, drinking ginger bear and smoking ganja. They are young, beautiful rich and living the life. I ain't mad gwaan tru Bad gyal Riri.

Anonymous said...

Somebody please send the blog owner some hot tea.

Anonymous said...

A talentless uneducated Hollyweird whore and her talentless loser, ex-convict, self-hating, abusive boyfriend.

And neither of them are beautiful.

Not every female popstar can be as lucky as Ciara.

Anonymous said...

3:55 PM
You know nothing of Ciara manufactured marriage. What is shown to the public, is not always the same behind closed door, so Ciara sit yo no talent ass down, all you can do is dance slutty.

Anonymous said...


It doesn't matter. She's more positive. And she's a great dancer. You sound jealous because the only attention you get is from the crackhead on your alley.

Anonymous said...

Yep, so what she's young, made, and unfazed. She can get an honorary degree which she deserves. No way a smart girl like Rih is dumb it takes talent, drive, and hard work to knock down doors that seem closed to black women and remember that famous people already live in a bubble, so I salute Rih for dating who's not abusive but is loving and attentive. She's dating him respectfully for the way he treats her and that goes a long way.

John said...

Somebody please send the blog owner some hot tea.

Anonymous said...

As the world turns!! We've seen the Navy go from claiming Drake & Riri were bigger than Hov & Bey to The Arab dude & Riri were the biggest couple
in showbiz to Riri settling for a dude who ain't half as relevant as Travis(who was shamed by the Navy).
Money can't stop Hollywood from seeing Riri as a pass-around. The moment Ashton Kutcher failed to claim her even tho he was smashing was sad.Then the whole thing with Matt Barnes. What does ASAP Rocky do these days? Might just be an ok sperm donor. prenup!!!!

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