Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Azealia Banks Feels Vindicated Amid T.I. Sexual Misconduct Drama

Nine years ago rapper T.I. threatened to assault Azealia Banks after she called out his then artist Iggy Azealia for calling herself a 'runaway slave master' in one of her songs [click here if you missed that].

Azealia feels a sense of vindication now that T.I. is being investigated for sexual misconduct...

AB addressed the drama on her Instagram stories. 


Anonymous said...

Why cant she be happy and suck on her jews peen that is going to use her up. Bloop

Anonymous said...

Social media & Shenanigans is all this "Chucky" seed girl got...If mf's stop paying attention, she'll attempt suicide or commit murder...

R in NYC said...

She stay in some mess.

Susie said...

Fucking all those tech billionaires and this is what it comes down to.

Anonymous said...

Where is the justice for that dat cat she boiled. FOH nut.

Anonymous said...

did she lie, tho? F*** T.I.

Anonymous said...

They're both wackos.
One thing about Azalia Banks is that she tell a lot of truths and nobody listens to her so it drives her crazy.
Tip is fake though. Very fake. He faked being a drug dealer. The same way he fake being smart.
He is NOT from Bankhead or no where near zone 1.
He isnt even from Atlanta. This little smidget is from Riverdale Georgia.
He is 5'6 and a qtr. He is on methamphetamines. He is addicted to coke and pills. He has on numerous occasions had his peen sucked by transgenders. Who has not had gender reassignment surgery.
Other big name hip hop and errr RnB celebrities from Atlanta and other states ARE involved. Im sure they are consulting with their legal teams now.

Anonymous said...

other celebrities directly involved, not saying they DRUGGED anyone but they were apart of the sex drugs and sleeping with EACH OTHER and underage individuals....and I say individuals because NOT ALL of them that were underaged were female.

Gucci mane
Lil Duvall
Young Dro
Chris Brown
50 cent
Slim Thug
Nicki Minaj
Nivea lil wayne baby momma
Toya lil wayne baby momma
Tokyo Jets
Pharell Williams
Travis Scott
Bobby Valentino
Iggy azalea
Keisha Knight-Pulliam
Drew Sidora and her husband
Jermaine Dupri
Mariah Carey
Big Boi
Floyd Mayweather
WENDY WILLIAMS yeaah bytch, I said it. I was told she only engaged in oral and of course coke. And NELLY ate her out. Ate cocaine off Wendy coochie. And she sucked drake Dick. And he is not circumcised I was told.
And a shitload of others

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