Friday, March 05, 2021

Kanye West Still Wearing His Wedding Ring

Two weeks ago Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from her husband of six years Kanye West [click here if you missed that]. 

Is Kanye still holding out hope for a reconciliation...? 

Sure looks like it. 

From The Sun 

The rapper smiled ear-to-ear as he headed into his Calabasas office while his ring finger noticeably still had its wedding band on it despite his marriage ending last month.
Kanye hopped out of his Black SUV as he arrived to his studio space and rocked blue baggy pants with a grey sweatshirt.
He was on a call as he held up his phone with his right hand while his left hand - and ring finger - were put on full display shutting the car door.

Meanwhile Kim has been flaunting her bare ring finger on Instagram 

Go here to see the pics of Kanye still wearing his ring.  


Chelle said...

Who cares. Kim and Kanye us going to milk this divorce for the couple of years in the public. Just divorce. Why put this crap out in the media. To stay relevant. I swear Kim is a greedy witch and Kanye is a DEMON. So sick of these 2 and their antics to stay in the media.

R in NYC said...

Well delusions are a part of Bipolar disorder. The ship for their marriage has sailed.

☛☢Twitter☺Fingers☢☚ said...

This bitch wants him gone. He can wear whatever jewelry he wants. Jewelry doesn't make or break a marriage.

Anonymous said...

Snitch you on Ktrash payroll or some? A simple google search debunks this nonsense. Kanye's wedding ring was a standard thin band, not that chunky band he sporting but go awf.

Anonymous said...

He can't have hope they was tolerating him. The second he dissed Kris time to go. Kris Jung Un did what she do and dictated his ass straight out that camp, thanked him for securing her daughters future with all those future royalty seeds, stocks and bonds, a 60 million dollar home. Oh yeah he served his purpose. He lucky he didn't leave tucking his shit like Bruce, I mean Caitlyn ahhh hell he still Bruce.

Anonymous said...

Kanye is probably knee deep in some pu$$y or bussy or whatever he's into. He's probably just as relieved as she is. They were both living separately anyway, so what's the difference.

Anonymous said...

He needs to get back on his meds or get a stronger dose.

Anonymous said...

I believe when he publicly confessed he tried to get her to abort their 1st child, that did it. She didn't want her baby to know her dad didn't want her, and she darn sure didn't want the world to know. I know someone in the midst of bipolar disorder right now and it's like she really has demons because she attacks everyone and then cries and plays victim. She literally turns against everyone, and then falls out and wants to die if she gets called out on her bad behavior. I think Kim endured as much as she could but he has to want to help himself first. Bipolar is wicked, I had to finally step away from the person I described above because she wore me out. 4 years later she is worse, meds don't help, and she even started going after me abd saying I hurt her like the others all because I told her she was wrong going after people. Anyway, Kim must protect her children. I think bipolar disoder should consist of deliverance of demons if it's found meds don't work.

Anonymous said...

It's clear Kanye left Kim. No other reason for Ktrash and their media friends to be running this story to the ground. Let that man go and let him be Kimmy.

R in NYC said...

@ 2:51 Your friend needs in-patient treatment in a psychiatric facility until they get her symptoms under control. If the meds aren't working shes on tbe wrong ones or not on a high enough dosage. And don't be fooled. A lot of mentally ill people stop taking the meds as soon as they feel better which is dangerous.
Ive known and dealt will chronic mentally ill long enough to know they cant help themselves. Too many self medicate with drugs and alcohol. Sadly many well meaning family and friends do fall back from them but they really need all the emotional support they can get. Bipolar is not demonic evil or possession.
Its an imbalance in the brain that affects mood, behavior and thought.
I hope your friend gets the help she needs.

Anonymous said...

That's nice. But if she calls off the divorce, this is really a huge FAKEABABY celebrity prank.

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