Friday, March 19, 2021

Young Buck Claims Beef with 50 Cent was Fake

Over the past few years rapper 50 Cent and his former G-Unit artist Young Buck have been publicly fighting after Buck sued 50 for unpaid royalties [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Buck claims it was all a game... 

In a video posted on Instagram Live Buck says he and 50 planned the fake beef to promote Buck's career. 


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Still irrelevant and career still in the trenches

Anonymous said...

What about the tranny thing, was that too "fake"?

Monna Kgosi said...

When will his career be promoted?

R in NYC said...

Is he still mooching off that woman?

Anonymous said...

50 still has a soft spot for buck, he is throwing buck a bone, to get some money.

Im sure 50 told Buck to say all of what he just said mainly because he is about to drop a few G Unit Project that include Buck.

BUCK , dont mess it up, this might be your last time to get your hands on any real money.

50 was once stubborn and hard headed like you, LOOK at how he turned it around from his death bed.


Anonymous said...

They are both gay 1st off.
And secondly, broke.
And Buckaroo is LYING.

Let me let you in on a secret. Young buck is a talented talented 'songwriter', especially when it comes to writing hooks. 50 'boo boo boy' Pennies trying to drop new music and make some money. Don't let the fake shit fool you. Borrowed cars, COSTUME JEWELRY, rented homes, this nigga broke. He wear the same shitty ugly suit every other day. Rich Porter never wore the same shit twice. (had to mention Rich cause this nigga swear he Rich but wear the same drawers 4 days in a row).
Between this nigga paying off homosexuals for secret sex and paying the gate keeper to hide those pics of him sucking Clive Davis dik, this nigga broke.


Well young buck. He need young buck to write his shit. And of course being that he's called young buck out for being gay, people will be looking at the both of them crazy, well mainly fif like dude why are you recording with a dude that bang transies. So now you gotta say it was all made up.

NO THE HELL IT WAS NOT. Buck bangs transies and so does Fif. In fact, Fif was at a Mansion party in Miami a few weeks ago. Sex party. Both men and women show up. Everyone is vouched for and vetted. 30 bedroom Mansion and they engage in all kinds of shit in those rooms.
Now you remember when they invited Katt Williams and he slipped up and told the whole fucking world in his stand up and even name dropped people males fucking males. THAT'S WHY HOLLYWOOD BLACK BALLED HIM.
So fif ran into young buck at the party and they had a conversation. He was shocked to see Buck there knowing that he'd been black balled.
Next Big Mansion Party scheduled in TEXAS.
They'll both claim that they are there working on new music watch.

NyahbinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

Two ex lovers exposing each other. Nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...


Right!!! Two Broke ex lovers.

Anonymous said...

Fif tryna drop new music. That's why he hating on young jeezy so hard. He hating on Drake too.
Nobody is going to listen to his or young buck music. They are washed out.

Anonymous said...

Buck can make some Trannie, hit songs with 50ty. Now who is going to wear the dress, is the question?

Anonymous said...


50 have already admitted to cross dressing. He said he used to wear his grandmother's dresses and wigs. Oh my God can you imagine.
They'd probably think he's a surviving chimp from Neverland Ranch.

Anonymous said...

Guess who got pics of fif sucking Clive Davis dick?
Jaguar Wright

R in NYC said...

12:47 I believe every word. I remember Fif and that 100 million Vitamin water deal. That man should have been set for life but then he sold his mansion and had his baby mama's house burnt down. He stopped putting out new music. His G-Unit clothing line went under. He started making all those whack azz straight to DVD movies. Something was definitely amiss with his finances. If it wasn't for Power this nigga would already be on a Where Are They Now? tv special.
All these hip hop dudes love that booty play. All of them raging closeted homosexuals pretending to be hard and thuggish. Only thing hard are their dangalangs.

Anonymous said...

Buck doesn't realize that we cannot take anything he says seriously. None of it.

Anonymous said...

I bet Sucking those Trannies was also a part of the the game huh?? ur career is OVER !!!!!! go read a book

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