Monday, May 10, 2021

LeLee Lyons From SWV Son Accused of Abuse

Seven years ago the daughter of SWV singer LeLee Lyons got caught soliciting online [click here if you missed that]. 

Now LeLee's son is being accused of assaulting a woman...

The woman made the accusations over the weekend on Twitter and also a shared video telling her story on social media. 


Anonymous said...

During Verzuz weekend? What perfect timing to drag the family. LeeLee has nothing to do with her grown adult kids fuckery.

Moreso, why not go straight to the police? But run to social media first?? Weirdo azz...

Anonymous said...

Also love how she is so nonchalant about it. Going on internet instead of police makes you look bad and bad for real victims as well.

Anonymous said...

And she just had to mention LeLe's name? Her son is a grown ass man, so why is LeLe's being dragged in this bullshit! She should get off of social media, call the police and make sure she arrives on time to court but his mother has nothing to do with this foolishness.

Anonymous said...

She said she is tired of multiple assaults by men. Sounds like you are the problem. Get some help on you. Your relationship picker is off.

NyahbinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

What the fuck do we got to do with this bullshit? Call the popo and press charges the end.

Anonymous said...

Not being funny but this chick is slow

Anonymous said...

Uh - Had George Floyd Murder Had NOT Been On Social Media ?

That PIG Would Have Gotten Away W Murder

Ahmads Case Was Buried Damn Near A Year Before Social Media Blast Those Bastards -

We Would Have NOT Heard About Andrew Brown's Execution Had IT NOT Been For Social Media-

So What Is The OUTRAGE For Her Putting Her Abusers ON Blast - Why Is It Every. Single. Time That A Black Woman Speak UP & Out ?

She Is Attacked Again.

I Ain't W The Celie /Slave SHITS & THAT Protect A Nigga NO MATTER WHAT Shits

& I Ain't Mad @ Her For Blasting Leelee NOTHING ASS For Bringing ANOTHER NOTHING ASS Nigga IN The World-

Fuckin Right She Should Be Named & Shamed- The Mother Is The Child 1st Teacher & Abuse Is A Learned Behavior.

Absolute Science- Men Chose/Date/Marry The Mother's Character. Everything Said About Her ? Can Be Said About YOU (Talking To Leelee)

How Many Licks & Black Eyes ? Your Son YOU W ? How Many Times YOU Took Your Abuser BACK W NO Consequences?

Where Were Your Antennas? To Teach His Janky Ass THAT The ONLY Time You Put Your Hands On A Woman Is To PROTECT Or Provide.

1) She Has The Right TO Reject YOU 2) Do NOT Beat Women 3) Do NOT Stare 4) Do NOT Stalk 5) Know When To Walk Away

What Is So Different?

I Am Glad & PROUD Of THIS Generation For Canceling Hoes.

Abusers RELY ON Silence So They Can Offend Again.

I Thank Her For Warning Other Women Of THIS Monster & She Just Might Deter These Ill Raised Bastards To Keep Their Hands To Their MF Self.

Slavery Is TF OVER- The Days Of Being Harrased Are OVER. Abusing W Immunity Is Over.

You Celies Will Deal


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