Thursday, September 02, 2021

Male Accuser Takes the Stand Against R. Kelly

Last month a male victim came forward claiming he had been sexually abused by R. Kelly while he was still a minor [click here if you missed that]. 

The male accuser has testified against R. Kelly under oath...
The witness, taking the witness stand in federal court in Brooklyn without using his real name, told a jury how Kelly lured him to his Chicago-area home in 2007 with false offers of helping him with his fledgling music career.
Kelly asked the alleged victim, then 17, “what I was willing to do for music,” the witness said. He replied, “I’ll carry your bags. … Anything you need, I’ll be willing to do.”
“That’s not it. That’s not it,” he said Kelly responded before asking him if he ever fantasized about having sex with men. He described how Kelly then “crawled down on his knees and proceeded to give me oral sex,” even though, “I wasn’t into it.”
Afterward, “he told me to keep between him and me,” he said.
In a later episode, Kelly “snapped his fingers three times” to summon a naked girl from where she was hiding under a boxing ring to give Kelly and the witness oral sex, the man told the jury.
He kept seeing Kelly after that because “I really wanted to make it in the music industry,” he said.


Anonymous said...

I hate to say this but kid might have kept coming back because you enjoyed the random sex acts. Teenagers are exploring sexuality at that age. Kelly is still a predator regardless of sexual maneuvers.

NyahbinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

Put this nigga down already!!! the people around him who enabled him, and helped to traffic these kids need to be on trial too. If I had my way they would all, be lined up in front of a firing squad.

R in NYC said...

We have said all that can be said. Hell awaits him.

Anonymous said...

Kelly f*cks under age kids, pees on them and now he suck the D. Dam he got a hella of an sexual appetite. That a lot of Bloopers.

Anonymous said...

Kelly might as well call out sick to appearing from here on out!

frank said...

R Kelly was plucking everything the walked. Men, women, chick and child.

Dee.Ree said...

I never comment here but I must say the death penalty is too good for this mofo

Dee.Ree said...

And for anybody out here walking around blind
Understand this: this is what this nutbag and countless others do to pledge allegiance to their master and gain power through demonic rituals
Him being called “ pied piper” is no coincidence

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