Sunday, November 07, 2021

Gary Owen Lies About Paying Estranged Wife's Mortgage

Earlier this year comedian Gary Owen and his wife Kenya filed for divorce in an increasing messy action [click here if you missed that]. 

Last night Kenya put Gary on blast for lying about paying her mortgage...

Kenya also told Gary he has turned into the monster that he used to claim his father was.


Susie said...

Good for her! She is getting on just fine without this twat. Onwards and upwards Kenya. I bet at some point, he will try to return to the family home. Turn him away!!!

The King Of The Real said...

Gary going to do him she can do her

Anonymous said...

The King of the real
It didn't take you too long to cape for this ugly caveman looking white boy. Carry on as usual we all know your M.O.

R in NYC said...


Anonymous said...

I always wondered who he was married to. He used to make jokes in his early career about being married to a black woman.
Never thought he was funny or nice looking. If your going to cross over to the Yt demon, at least get a cute one with lots of money.

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