Saturday, November 27, 2021

Memphis Comedian Killed After Joking About the Death of Young Dolph

Memphis comedian Derrion 'DMuney' Childs killed just days after joking about the murder of rapper Young Dolph...

Young Dolph was gunned down in Memphis just under two weeks ago in front of his favorite cookie shop in broad daylight, followed by another shooting at the memorial outside the bakery that left one mourner injured [click here if you missed that]. 

Now another person appears to have been caught up in the aftermath.

Just hours after news of Dolph's murder began to spread around Memphis local comedian DMuney posted on FaceBook, "Maneee them folks just killed Young Dolph I love Memphis cuh we so gangsta," the post was quickly deleted, after street goons began promising retaliation in the comments, but it was too late. Days later DMuney was dead.

Now Dolph's fans are flooding the dead comedian's comments with smug satisfaction. 


Anonymous said...

Was it that deep or has the hood gone absolutely retardo?

Anon said...

Black lives matter...except to black folk

R in NYC said...

This generation has reprobate minds. Wicked to the core.

Unknown said...

Exactly why I hate niggas from the depths of my soul. They can kill each other over a Muthafucka they didn’t know personally but let white folks slide for over 400 years. Fuck these wicked ass niggas.

LaLa said...

@9:54, you show know what to say!

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