Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Tyra Banks Dragging Down DWTS?

Last year Tyra Banks replaced longtime Dancing with The Stars hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews and hasn't exactly been a fan favorite [click here here and here if you missed that]. 

Now there are whispers that DWTS producers are afraid to address the elephant in the room...

From The Sun
EXECUTIVES from Dancing With the Stars are now blaming the "talent and not Tyra Banks" for this season's low ratings despite fans' demands for the host to be axed.
An insider exclusively tells The Sun producers of the ABC program are "too scared" to address the concerning ratings with the "fellow show boss" and Tyra, the latter who is an executive producer.
The source revealed they are putting the low ratings down to "talent and not Tyra," believing that this year's notable contestants did not have the same appeal as past seasons.


NyahbinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

I have only seen two episode of this show. I am never this bored.

Anonymous said...

Now WHY they tryna blame Tyra when that show was already downtrending...these fkn ppl!

Anonymous said...

I flip over to the show during commercial breaks while viewing The Voice. First they need to change judges, except for Derrick who is a new judge.

Tyra is okay as a commentator but she looks a Hott Hott Mess. Now that she has gained weight she needs to stop trying to dress and look like her runway days.

1.Short dresses and sagging thighs don't go together
2. Elmer's glue on reddish blond lace front
3. Hard Hard contouring on an aging woman = hideous
4. Cloths dont fit and are too tight when the boobs and fat are bursting over the edge of the gowns.

It's a rap and a Bloop folks. That's all I got folks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah she is hard on the eye and her forced funny is just not havent watched it since whats his name. And thats only off the previews.

Anonymous said...

@ First 1118

Spell better before trying to read someone.

R in NYC said...

I stopped watching years ago. It's too🌽y for me and Tyra looks like a coked out drag queen.

Anonymous said...

Then dont read it @ 12:28pm

Unknown said...

I blame Tyra's mother for this decision (DWTS Host / Exec Producer) - this is not Tyra's Lane or entertainment genre / market. This is yt, old, middle America wanting to see themselves - and let's face it, that ain't Tyra lol.

I said this last year: Tyra needs to focus her energy on something that she's passionate about, instead of trying to juggle 6 hustles.

I personally think that she needs to focus on things model related. It could be a scripted series, loosely based off her career as a working model in the 90s...she could do more with the ANTM brand...instead of these corny ass side projects - from smize ice cream to a selfie amusement park to DWTS...lady pick a struggle!

Me said...

Maybe the show has run its course. The folks who were the biggest fans all have dementia now.

Dee said...

Good! I haven't ROOTED for HER since she agreed with the panel and pulled that "you're too ethnic and too proud of your blackness" crap on Yaya Decosta and when she told Dani to change her southern accent because it's not acceptable. Oh, but an English, Italian or French accent is okay Tyra? She is SO anti-black but wants to claim blackness when it suits her. I don't like Tyra. She is a fake woke black person that kisses up to the colonizers.

Alma's Daughter said...

^^^Exactly. That’s the Blackish mess that’s taken over. You can be Black, but not too Black. Don’t want to make white people uncomfortable. You couldn’t pay me enough money to watch her.

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