Monday, November 29, 2021

Wendy Williams' Brother Shares Her Post TV Career Plans

Last week daytime talk show host Wendy Williams' formerly estranged brother Tommy came forward to deny reports that his sister was suffering from early onset dementia [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Tommy is sharing Wendy's plans for when her talk show ends...

From The Sun
In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Wendy’s younger brother Tommy Williams, 54, opened up about discussions he’s had with his famous sibling on how she envisions what life could look like after The Wendy Williams Show.
Tommy revealed he and Wendy have spoken about ideas the host has for her future when her eponymous talk show comes to an end.
The 54-year-old brother explained: “We've talked about different things. She’s definitely kicked around some different ideas, all of which I know she'll be successful with, but time will tell.
“I do believe that anything, post her career in television, if that were to be the case, would be involving youth and people who dream of doing something in the media.
“She can show them some of the other ropes, not the regular ropes, but some of the other ropes- because Wendy knows a lot about those other ropes,” Tommy continued.


Anonymous said...

SMDH! With relatives like Tommy Williams, you don't need enemies.

BaybeK8s said...

What "other ropes" you talking 'bout Tommy? You are talking but not saying anything. Go have a "Coke" and a smile with your sister. 😉😉

Anonymous said...

I doubt if WW has told him anything. He is just making up sh*t to get some limelight.

Anonymous said...

This ugmodacious, talent challenged, no personality bum has been pimping WW name for veiws ever since his envious azz started You Tubing. He ALWAYS invokes the WW name, wven when there is no direct content in the vid. Corny Clown calls his 2 followers Tommy Katz and if not for exploitation of WW name and their father, wouldnt have ANY followers. His Tommy Williams show is as big a bust as that broke down wife of his. Tell us why you were physically fighting your young relative over your mothers casket? GTFOH. That WW hasnt responded to your recent shenanigans is proof positive that she is incapacitated. She warned you after your mom died. If not for your recent Tasha K interveiw, NO ONE would be checking your dusty azz for your NON INFORMATIONAL WEAK AZZ TEA. Get back in your box, jackoff.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy we see you. I hope you are able to put down the brown liquor, drugs and try to stay sober. Stop worrying about brother Tommy and get your head straight. At the end of the day Brother Tommy is going to do him.

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