Monday, December 20, 2021

Kanye West Presidential Campaign Exposed as a Republican Scam

Last year Kanye West all but admitted he was trying to help Donald Trump win the election by running for President on a third party ticket [click here if you missed that]. 

In water is wet news, a new investigation proves Kanye West's ill fated campaign was run by Republican elites who believed Kanye could siphon Black votes away from Joe Biden...
New documents show Kanye West’s doomed White House campaign—styled as an “independent” third-party effort—appears to have disguised potentially millions of dollars in services it received from a secretive network of Republican Party operatives, including advisers to the GOP elite and a managing partner at one of the top conservative political firms in the country.
Potentially even more alarming? The Kanye 2020 campaign committee did not even report paying some of these advisers, and used an odd abbreviation for another—moves which campaign finance experts say appear designed to mask the association between known GOP operatives and the campaign, and could constitute a violation of federal laws.


Anonymous said...

So they used him, did he know he was being used? How do you fall victim to white supremacy while trying to denounce white supremacy...ironic

ms mac said...

Funny how quickly and decisively they were able to uncover all of his misdeeds but still can't pin a tick on Tronald Dump 5+ years later. Koonye's nothing more than a scapegoat and a pawn but that's what he deserve for aligning himself with the likes of them. Whatever happened to the George Bush doesn't care about Black people version of himself? He's become his own joke.

Anonymous said...

Trump was a better pres than them Dems ever have been. Wake tf up

Anonymous said...

^You sound stupid. You can't wake up if your still sleep.

Anonymous said...

Kanye is a self hating sellout and Ice Cube got paid off by the Dump administration to try to hoodwink us but nobody fell for it because he could barely string a coherent sentence together.

R in NYC said...

Koonye took that L. He played himself. He's a walking living joke now. Was it worth it?

Anonymous said...

10:21 you sound stoopider. Whàt have Dems done for you late-ly. Ish,nada, zilch. A disgrace. You and them

Anonymous said...

White supremacy always breaks and discard their tools when they are done with them. White supremacy sits their broken tools on top of a pile of garbage.

Anonymous said...

You sound just like an idiot, democrats and republicans are the wings on same do nothing bird. So why are you singing the praises of that white supremacist Don TRUMP?? You are probably a white supremacist yourself lurking on RWS.

Alma's Daughter said...

My money says the Republicans were behind Kim’s announcement last week that she should have let Kanye wear his MAGA Hat. They are so transparent.

And all because Obama called Kanye a jackass, not once, but twice. Kanye’s been a Trumper ever since.

The King Of The Real said...

we already been knew. Look at him.Getting played by a red hat.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to know who else is on that list.

Queensallday said...

Look back at the other BLACK mostly MALE industry friends of his that had his back in his bid for the presidency, they’re down with the Repub elites too.

Anonymous said...

Dems and Repubs both lie to get a vote. Nothing changes except a decrease in your funds.

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