Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Byron Allen Planning to Purchase NFL Team

Media Mogul Byron Allen is preparing to bid for ownership of the Denver Broncos...

This week, in a statement to Bloomberg, The Allen Media Group announced that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft  approached Bryron Allen in 2019 and asked him to consider buying a team. 

Now AMG is preparing a bid for the Denver Broncos. 

If the deal goes through Allen will be the first Black NFL team owner. 


Anonymous said...

I'm not mad at the media empire the Byron Allen has amassed
He is quite a savvy businessman who plays his role well and doesn't ruffle the feathers of those within his entertainment community.
He consistently keeps comics working with his late night shows and he isnt a Buffon about his business dealings.
Byron's media portfolio is very very diverse and well assembled.

Unknown said...

Whatever he purchases will roll back to whyt community, so gloat on your accomplishments,just to end up giving it back to the dominant society through their daughters.

Anonymous said...

I hope the billionaire who paid the debt of Morehouse students combine for full ownership. That would def be a good look for the black community!

Anonymous said...

At 10:21 exactly!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

good, but this as 10:21 said, all this money is going to his white wife and i see no investment into the black community, so good for him as an individual businessman, i guess.

Anonymous said...

@10:21 He already stated that he wants to be one the the first....All Power to him & Byron..

Anonymous said...

Good and I hope Byron will be even more successful. Nice to see him moving on to even greater heights.

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