Sunday, February 13, 2022

Karrueche and Quavo Linking Up Again?

Five years ago Chris Brown and Migos rapper Quavo got into a pissing match after Quavo started dating Chris' ex- longtime girlfriend actress Karrueche Tran [click here if you missed that]. 

Have Karrueche and Quavo secretly linked up again...?

Sure looks like it. 

Over the weekend rapper Cardi B accidentally put them on blast after live streaming from the club with Karrueche and Quavo in the background.    


Anonymous said...

She must be hard up to go back to this broke down fool.

Anonymous said...

^ right and he must be doing no better than to resort to her recycled ass. By now you would think she'd do what Cassie did and call it a day. She had a good come up with Victor. Maybe this could work except he doesnt seem to like his women doing too too much.

Anonymous said...

Quavo's not broke down...I actually think he handled the break up with the cute ho girl Saweetie like a gentleman...He didn't get mad or vindictive..even after she was talking sh*t...He politely said..."You're not the girl I thought you were. I wish you the best" and hasn't said sh*t about her since that...even after she fucked Baby..

R in NYC said...

So they just can't be at the same party since they all run in the same circles?

Anonymous said...

I can't see shit lol y'all be having good eyes

Dee said...

@ 2:56 I can't see shit either.

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