Saturday, February 12, 2022

Kid Cudi Calls Kanye West a Dinosaur in Online Spat

Kid Cudi calls Kanye West an annoying dinosaur after Ye announces Cudi will NOT be on Donda II...


Unknown said...

Who's "who"? Billie Ellish? Lmao Billie needs to drag this bipolar narcissist by his gay fish tank top

The King Of The Real said...

Kanye out her looking like a 12 year old girl on MySpace talking you cant be on my top 8 list. i hope everyone ditches his old dumb ass

Anonymous said...

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Chelle said...


Anonymous said...

@7:29. had a cup of Expresso this morn..
But clearly you have experience with narcissists

Anonymous said...

Cudi the only one that replied to Kanye properly...they both bipolar narcissists..
You ain't no friend of mine..LOL

Anonymous said...

Now they both can scratch each other with windmill arm circle motions in a cat fight.

Anonymous said...

UNKNOWN---I think I may be siding with you a little more. His stunts ain't stopping, he gained a million more followers very recently, he has an album dropping and a documentary dropping. Maybe you're right, he don't want Kim but can't pass up an oppty to get maximum amount of coverage and exposure. Maybe he just wants attention for his projects... Every single day he makes TMZ...Let's see how long he keeps this up. If he really really really really really wanted Kim then his behavior would be the complete opposite.

Chelle said...

11:57 Funny as hell

Anonymous said...

Fuckin' up my money so, yeah, I had to act sane

Yeah. Kanye.

Danni P said...

This fool is not crazy .... He doing what he gotta do to keep his name out there and hype his shit! Ppl thought Kim was gonna be his downfall but he went to the School of PMK and learned all the antics .... Now I see why Amber left his ass .... This coon just coonin' for the fuck of it!

R in NYC said...

Another day of his bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if he disappears after his album drops...what is it? A week from now???

Dee said...

I hope his shit flops. I hope it doesn't sell anywhere NEAR what he thinks it will and I hope NOBODY watches his documentary. When TF is he going to be cancelled? I'm sick of him.

Sunno said...

And Cudi is a lame that hasn't had any success since his first album.

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