Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Trey Songz Facing Horrifying New Allegations

This week Trey Songz accused the attorney in a civil lawsuit filed against him for sexual misconduct of bribing witnesses [click here if you missed that]. 

Now the same attorney is representing another woman accusing Trey of sexual assault...

From TMZ 

The singer is being sued by a Jane Doe who says she had a consensual sexual relationship with Trey before the alleged rape on March 24, 2016 ... when she claims he suddenly turned into a "savage rapist."
According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, the woman claims Trey invited her to a house party in L.A., where he invited her upstairs for what she believed would be consensual sex.
Instead, she claims Trey repeatedly asked her if he could "get that a**" on the way upstairs ... to which she says she repeatedly told him "no" and to stop asking.
In the docs, the woman claims Trey's demeanor changed upon entering the bedroom ... she says he threw her to the ground, ripped her pants off, pinned her down face first and forced his penis into her anus without her consent.
The woman claims she screamed in pain and begged Trey to stop, and even tried fighting him off her ... but says she was overpowered.
In the suit, the woman says someone entered the room during the alleged rape, giving her hope that what she describes as a "brutal rape" might end ... but she says the person quickly left the room and Trey kept raping her.
The woman claims she was only able to escape after Trey finished and stopped raping her ... grabbing her clothes, except for her underwear, and running outside to call an Uber.
In the docs, the woman says her Uber driver noticed she was in distress and rerouted her to a hospital, where she claims a sexual assault exam was performed and the police were called.
The woman says the exam showed she had "severe anal tearing that could require surgery" ... but she says she didn't name Trey to police because she was "in shock and fearing for her life."
She's now suing Trey for $20 million in damages.

The same attorney is also representing Dylan Gonzales in her lawsuit against Trey Songz [click here if you missed that]. 


Anonymous said...

MR. Steal your girl???? Those sexual addictions will come back to haunt you.....whether he did it or not.

R in NYC said...

When he kept asking her for anal she should have ran back down those stairs and out the door.
This is some sick sh*t.

Anonymous said...

I believe her. Tremaine needs to get help with his violent proclivities.

Anonymous said...

@6:55 PM


I am so tired of hearing about the damn Uber every time Trey's name is brought up.

I've said it before I'll say it again, Trey isn't going to jail unless them white men who have been passing him around in hollywood abandon him.

Anonymous said...

Lord have mercy that sounds awful!

Unknown said...

Him and Chris come from the same state. Both them Niggas alike. Just some raping Muthafuckas

Unknown said...

Looks like it's Trey's turn, on the sexual assault allegations carousel. Bro, I hope you Cosby or T.I money for an attorney, cause these birds are going full throttle to secure bags in the pandemic. They are going through every sexual encounter from their past, hoping to strike gold on murky consents, innuendos, and other blurred lines hoping to find a million dollar payday.

It's so sad what women have resulted to. Renting, and gambling, with their wombs, hoping to score six figure child support payments for 18 years, along with a reality show and "branding". And now, it's sexual assault lawsuits for the women who've aged out of the womb hustle shakedown. Man, to be a man in this climate is hell. Future generations of women are going to impacted (lack of marriage prospects) because we have low vibrational whores fucking up the trust dynamic for real women who understand the difference between consensual sex, and an assault case smh.

Unknown said...

I'm confused. She went upstairs, for what she thought was consensual sex, but, told him "no", because he wanted to fuck *before* they got upstairs? What the hell? Brutal rape? So, she was good to fuck, until he asked to hit on the steps? Which led to them fucking in upstairs (where they were initially headed, for "consensual" sex) , but it turned violent?

Ok. I hope Trey has a good attorney and PR firm. It took T.I two pandemic years to shake the shit off of him and Tiny.

Anonymous said...

MMMMMmmmmmmmmm something sounds fishy. You feared for your life from this little dude. And now you want you want 20m. Girl bye.

Anonymous said...

@6:55 she was consenting to vaginal intercourse not anal therefore it was assault

ms mac said...

Happened in 2016, huh? Maybe she needed those six extra years to work up some courage. Filing criminal charges to prevent an alleged brutal rapist from possibly raping other women didn't alleviate her fears, but I guess the hopes of cashing in on a $20M lawsuit did.

Dee said...

Please don't drag this shit out. That's all I'm sayin

Anonymous said...

All rapist pussies like Trez and Chris have to do is admit their attraction to men. They are too ignorant Rio realize that hating women proves nothing. They can then stop raping females trying to prove that the attraction to men doesn't exist. It's obvious to everyone you losers. Just admit it and leave women alone. Ain't nobody buying that y'all are straight. That's OVER!

In 5 years they will both be living with Moms or on the streets of downtown Los Angeles or in the bowels of the NYC Penn Station. Out of money and out of time and still pretending.

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