Sunday, February 13, 2022

Van Jones Consciously Co-Parenting

Last year there were rumors that political pundit Van Jones was secretly dating reality star turned prison reform advocate Kim Kardashian [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Van has started a family with a Kim Kardashian look-a-like...

Over the weekend Van Jones released a statement announcing the birth of his new daughter and their unconventional family unit. 

"After the COVID lockdown, I got clear that I wanted another kid. I discovered that my friend Noemi also wanted a baby. So we decided to join forces and become conscious co-parents. It's a concept that I hope more people will explore and consider."
"This month we welcomed to Earth a baby girl, whom we will raise as coparenting partners. This is a special time for our families. I feel grateful, joyful and blessed. As we create a safe and loving environment for this blessed young soul, I respectfully ask for privacy. Thank you for all the love and support."
Sources close to situation reveal Noemi is Van's longtime friend and prison reform advocate Noemi Zamacona. 

Van has two children from his first marriage. 


Anonymous said...

Another so called black man advocate that lost his way.
Black women pls raise your sons to honor, love and marry black women. Stay away from the Yt she devils.

Anonymous said...

He's such a liar trying to spin the story. He is having a "buss it" baby but he's too ashamed to say so. He isn't used to women throwing themselves at him, and so when he got a little attention he simped and skeeted without protection. 50 year old men don't sit up giving long narratives about illegitimate kids unless they feel foolish. Now she has a check for 18 years. You BIG DUMMY. Lol Trust me, Latina women don't like cry babies, this is a I need help on my bills situation. Lol

Danni P said...


Apparently, its our fault 😂 We raise our daughters to be strong while other races raise their daughters to "serve" ... Hopefully my daughter never runs into these weak ass men that think like that .... I don't care if she finds a purple people eater! Anything is better than a grown ass man looking for his second mother

The King Of The Real said...


R in NYC said...

Boy bye! He's definitely too old for basic baby daddy shenanigans. Acting like what he did was so enviable.

Anonymous said...

New baby daddy titles, look at his glasses now you know his dumbass is smart.

Dee said...

She does NOT like like Kim. Damn! Every white woman with dark hair is not a Kim Kardashian look-a-like. Yall ridiculously give that girl credit for being the benchmark for EVERY white brunette. It's disgusting.

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