Friday, March 18, 2022

Accuser Compares Trey Songz to R Kelly

Last month Trey Songz accused a woman who filed a $20 million sexual misconduct civil lawsuit against him of trying to pay witnesses to take her side [click here if you missed that]. 

The accuser claims Trey is just trying to divert attention from his pattern of misbehavior...

Jauhara Jeffries is scoffing at Songz’s “baseless and defamatory” motion that contained the accusations against her and her lawyer.
Songz’s counsel filed “its frivolous, baseless, and defamatory motion alleging” Further, she argues there are several inconsistencies with the witness “story.”
Jeffries says Songz and his lawyer are so “clearly desperate for any narrative that diverts attention from [Songz’] continued pattern of behavior of assault against individuals, mainly, women of color, that they would advance this frivolous, baseless, and defamatory allegation."
[Songz] and his counsel, are victimizing yet another woman of color because this is what [Songz], does victimize women of color, just like R. Kelly, because he knows no one will care or protect them.”

Trey Songz is currently being sued for sexual misconduct by three different women [click here if you missed that].