Thursday, March 03, 2022

Ashanti Commemorates 20 Year Anniversary of Foolish with a UK Tour

Last year R&B singer / songwriter Ashanti announced she was re-recording her debut album in an effort to strong-arm a larger percentage of her royalties away from Irv Gotti and her former record label Murder Inc [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Ashanti is gearing up for a UK tour to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of her 2x platinum selling debut single 'Foolish...' 

Ashanti's tour stops at London’s OVO Arena Wembley, Leeds’ First Direct Arena, Birmingham’s Utilita Arena and Manchester’s AO Arena. 

Singers Mario and Trey Songz are also scheduled to perform. 


Unknown said...

I don't want to knock Ashanti's hustle, but, who's really sponsoring her and her "hood" appearances? Cause every album after Chapter 2 has been flops. Like, I don't understand how she plans rehab her career with no hits for the past 20 years, and only one hit album? Ciara, Keri Hilson, and Mya (Mya has the biggest chance of success out of all of them) have a better chance. Ashanti can barely sing, write, dance or perform. Whereas Ciara and Mya sing are stronger dancers/performers, and Keri has access to better song writers and producers. I just don't understand where Ashanti fits in.

R in NYC said...

Just keep the groupies away from Trey.

Me said...

For a long time it was:

-Bey, Alicia, Ashanti
-Bey, Alicia, Ciara
-Bey, Alicia, Rhianna

Give Ashanti her credit. She was the 1st 3rd place artist of the 2000s. Bey and AK ran it for a long time

Indi_flo said...

She still can't sing but her writing has always been dumbed down enough for the masses. I always preferred Mya who had way more talent. Mya just refused to be an industry concubine!!

Anonymous said...

The UK? Nobody in the u.s. want to hear/see her?

Anonymous said...

Ashanti get your bag--

And many people don't know this, but Ashanti's voice was used for many of Jennifer Lopez's songs for mostly her 2nd and 3rd albums. Irv Gotti brokered that, and Ashanti never got any singing credit. It's public knowledge--JaRule mentioned in on Wendy.

Ashanti is just doing the same thing that Taylor Swift had to do in order to secure her finances. Since she wrote most of her songs, she can re-record them and keep a lot of the profits since she's not on the label anymore. Whether or not you think she's a great singer, this is a great financial move and she's getting her just due.

Lynny said...

Fuck Ashanti non singing ass....

SnookumsLynn said...

She performed a free concert in Oakland Sunday. The streets say she was lit 🔥

Anonymous said...

I agree R n NYC. She could have picked someone else that does not have rape scandal's associated with their name.

I call her the hook singer. Most of her hits have been singing with rappers. How many songs does she have singing alone?
Ashanti was smart not to include any of IG past artist on the tour. He's another Dame Dash. He would show up at the concert feeling entitled to walk on stage and have something to say.
I give her lots of credit for not going on social media talking about her business even though I want to know. LOL

Sunno said...

If she has Trey Songz appearing she may as well cancel now.

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