Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Don Lemon Allowed to Call Witnesses in Sexual Assault Case

Three years ago a Hamptons bartender filed a civil lawsuit against CNN anchor Don Lemon accusing him of sexual battery [click here if you missed that]. 

Don will be allowed to question witnesses...

Don Lemon will be allowed a high school classmate of his assault accuser — a man who questions the entire lawsuit filed against the CNN anchor.
According to court documents obtained by Radar, a New York federal judge ruled Lemon can be allowed to call two additional witnesses to the stand in the upcoming trial.
Lemon plans to call two men to testify during the trial named Williams Erdman and George Gounelas.
Erdman went to high school with Hice and saw his appearance on Megyn Kelly where he talked about his claims. After seeing the interview, he tweet out, "Wouldn’t you know it, I went to High School with Dustin Hice. In high school, he and his friends did the VERY THING he is accusing Don Lemon of doing to me! He and his friends bullied me so badly that I had to switch high schools my senior year. His claims are fake."

The jury trial is set to start in June. 


Anonymous said...

DL adults are held to to a higher standard and more culpable then children. Stop groping strangers

Me said...

Why is he taking this so far? We've all been a drunken fool in public before. Just give the man an apology and few dollars

Anonymous said...

He must have been drug to push up on that ugly Honky.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:16 Don offered him money but his accuser declined the money.

Anonymous said...

High school classmate from 20+yrs ago? Good luck with that Don.

The King Of The Real said...

Yeahy Don offered him money so he gotta ruin this guys life

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