Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Drug King Pin Ordered David Ortiz Assassination

Back in 2019 rumors swirled that retired baseball player David Ortiz had been shot in his native Dominican Republic because he was having an affair with a drug king pin's girlfriend [click here if you missed that]. 

Now we have confirmation...

According to reports David Ortiz hired a private investigator who told him the shooting had been ordered by notorious Dominican drug trafficker César Peralta, because he was jealous of Ortiz and felt disrespected by him. David does not discuss why Peralta would have been jealous of him or feel disrespected by him but the puzzle pieces from 2019 certainly fit. 

Ortiz hired the P.I. because the Dominican authorities told him the shooting was simply a case of mistaken identity and that the actual target was Ortiz' table mate in the restaurant where the shooting took place. The Dominican authorities would not cooperate with Ortiz' investigators. 

César Peralta is currently being held without bond in Puerto Rico on unrelated charges of conspiracy to import cocaine and heroin. 

Ortiz admits he was causal friends with Peralta and was shocked and saddened to find out he was behind the shooting. 


Anonymous said...

So no mention that Ortiz was hooking up with Peralta's girl.

Anonymous said...

All drug dealers are trash. Kill them all.

T said...

Play with fire eventually you will get burned. He was lucky this time.

The King Of The Real said...

Better get some crew and vests

PinkDiamond said...

He conveniently left out the reason why he was jealous??? And the part he was sleeping with the dealer's gf...Ortiz knows why he was shot and who shot him...give a break!

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