Friday, March 04, 2022

French Montana Settles Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Two years ago rapper French Montana was accused of raping a woman at his home in L.A. [click here if you missed that]. 

French and his accuser have settled out of court...

From The Blast 
According to new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, the parties have reached a settlement in the days before the case was headed for trial.
“The court and counsel confer regarding the status case. Counsel informs the court the parties have reached a settlement,” a new court order reads.
It’s unclear if any money changed hands in the process.


Anonymous said...

Don't take no HO's to your house. False rapes and getting pregnant to rich celebrity men is a new job category for Simps that drool over them. These women will give up free to broke ass Pooky down the street.

Anonymous said...

Damn all these celebs paying folks off for sexual assault/harassment/misconduct

Michael Jackson
LA reid
Mariah Carey
Kobe Bryant
Sean Kingston
Anthony Anderson
Bill O'Reilly
Chris Brown
Trey Songz

The King Of The Real said...


Anonymous said...

Mariah Carey?????

Me said...

^^^yes he did! You can see the slow all over him. Short bus rider never got any until now. I can see him taking it.

I'm just here so I dont get fined said...

7:15.....ikr what did Miami do?

Anonymous said...

Settling means there's proof he did it

Alma's Daughter said...

Stop thinking you can phuk someone without paying because you gon pay one way or the other.

R in NYC said...

He does look slow.

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