Thursday, March 17, 2022

Jane Doe Adds Defamation to Snoop Dogg Lawsuit

Last month rapper Snoop Dogg and his friend, pimp culture enthusiast Bishop Don Juan, were sued by a Jane Doe accusing them of sexual misconduct [click here if you missed that]. 

Now she's adding defamation to her lawsuit after Snoop called her a gold digger on Instagram....

According to court documents obtained by Radar, the alleged victim — who is using the pseudonym Jane Doe — has amended the complaint she filed against Snoop and his longtime friend Bishop Don Juan.
In the new legal docs, Doe is now adding claims of defamation and false light against Snoop and his team.
Snoop responded to the lawsuit with a post on Instagram calling Doe’s allegations lies and called her a “gold digger.” Sources close to the rapper claim the woman demanded a $10 million settlement and only sued once the offer was shut down.
Now, Doe is coming after Snoop for his statements on Instagram and through his publicist.


Jane Doe is demanding a jury trial, where she is seeking punitive damages and costs of her lawsuit.


Gg57 said...

This is what happens when you are not choosy about who you let on your tour bus/hotel room.

Oh well

ms mac said...

Married men who keep their ding-a-ling away from gold diggers don't have these problems.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe her but it's believable because SD is a cheater. Woman that put them self in arms way are looking to get paid now days. BCosby's case opened up the thots to win a case. This hurts the women that are really rape victims.

This is not the kind of case SD can afford to have looming over his shoulder right now. He finally got a primetime Tv show with KClarkson and this will hurt the brand of the network. I'm sure episodes have already been taped and the network don't want to lose money. But this could really band Snoop from the real money and contacts in future opportunities. He's old with no music possibilities. He has been in too many drug, sex, deportation and murder allegations. It's taken a long time for him to clean up his image and move past his salacious rap history.
Come help your boi Martha Steward.

Anonymous said...

How can she be defamed if the suit was filed anonymously?

Anonymous said...

@1:17- defamation is very difficult to prove. Especially when tacked on to sexual assault complaint that's filed anonymously.

This "victim" is about to be embarrassed to the same degree as Chris Brown's $20-million-dollar-lawsuit sexual assault "victim". These women are singlehandedly setting back women's rights. We went from women being dragged, and violently raped in alleyways, to women "feeling bad" after a seemingly consensual sexual encounter. If I were a sexual assault victim from an era, where "no" wasn't respected, I'd lobby for legislation to be enacted to prevent these women from filing frivolous lawsuits! Or, better yet, create legislation that DEFINES sexual assault based on verbal consensus, or physically being attacked - it should not be based on how the victim "felt", after encouraging said encounter.

But, yeah, Snoop and his entourage need to stick to paid sex workers who understand the assignment and their role. But niggas like Snoop, Chris B, and Trey are still stuck in that hood mentality - & only want hood, dirty, grimey bitches cause they are the freakiest - and then wonder why they wake up with fleas, magots, and sexual assault lawsuits. Stick to sex workers and pay extra upfront, so that you, and your million dollar brand, don't get fucked up the ass in the court of public opinion.

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