Sunday, March 27, 2022

Jesse Williams Wants Decrease in Child Support

For YEARS actor Jesse Williams and his ex wife Aryn Drake Lee have been fighting over child support for their two children [click here if you missed that].

Now Aryn is arguing that just because Jesse quit his high paying job on Grey's Anatomy that doesn't mean he should have to pay less child support...

Jesse says his ex has an Ivy League degree and previously made six figures as a real estate broker in California and New York.
He says the $40k he is paying per month was based on his Grey's salary. In 2019, he says he pulled in $6.2 million from Grey’s and an additional $183k from residuals.
“My Grey’s character and career marked over 95% of my acting reputation and it was imperative to expand my body of work before it became too late. I am 41 years old and there is a long history of actors who become defined by one long-running role, who struggled to be seen (and employed) differently beyond that role. I cannot let that happen if I want to continue to have a successful career,” he said.
The actor says he left Grey’s to “grow and shape my career before the looming end of the show.”
Now, Aryn is asking the court to deny the request to lower the monthly support checks. She admits having experience as a real estate broker but claims to have given up her career to help support Jesse during the marriage.
Aryn believes Jesse shouldn’t have left Grey’s arguing, “[Jesse] left a favorable, coveted, high-paying position on a successful T.V. show, in pursuit of his “own path,” and now seeks to shed his family responsibilities.”
The ruling is pending.


Anonymous said...

It seems as though he hurt this woman terribly. I hope she is eventually able to move past whatever went down in their marriage.

Unknown said...

So, she chose to quit her job, but, Jesse can't choose to do the same? Aryn better get off her ass and get a damn job.

Anonymous said...

He's doing "full frontal" on Broadway.

Anonymous said...

I don't like him but women like her make me so sick. Get a job you lazy, bitter bitch.

Anonymous said...

Quit removing comments. This wack site need all the traffic it can get.

Anonymous said...

Broadway does not pay like TV or movie gigs.
Now, I digress. What's he packing @ 10:55? giggles

She wants to make him pay because she is still angry about the marriage failing. Real estate is hot in LA and she would do well. Shaunie and Babyface ex-wives are good examples of black women moving forward after divorce. They have successful careers and new relationships.

I suggest you hit the tread mill and stop waiting for a check every month. Have some self dignity in your self. Sht happens in life. We all have to learn how to move on.

Anonymous said...

He didn't know it's cheaper to keep her. She's mad she lost that last round of demands.

Anon said...

@ 12:55

Gawd daaaamn!!!!

The King Of The Real said...

Gravy train over. she gonna need a job if she didnt save. If I was him I would quit hollywood completly get a nine to 5 and get dual custody and cut her off.

Anonymous said...

She hate his ass... I respect it.

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