Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Amber Riley Calls Off Her Engagement

Two years ago actress Amber Riley announced she was engaged to her boyfriend Desean Black [click here if you missed that]. 

Amber and Desean have quietly called it quits...

Last month in an appearance on the Nice and Neat podcast Amber described hersef as a "single Black female," but not like the crazy one in the movie. 

Amber was asserting her single status and promoting her Lifetime movie "Single Black Female" at the same time. 


Unknown said...

Amber could just be promoting the movie- which looks horribly wack. First off, I can't tell which is which lol cause they look damn near identical. Secondly, the original film ("Single White Female") didn't start off with the women looking identical. In fact, they looked drastically different; Bridget Fonda was tall, thin, and had a completely different body body type and confidence. Jennifer Jason, was short with a boyish frame, and had zero self-esteem. Their differences were a plot point; because as Jennifer's obsession intensified, so did her transformation. That's why I hate when black ppl try to do a remake of a yt, popular film; it doesn't translate well. It looks like the cheesy, low budget film that it is.

My say something nice is that, I'm happy to see more body positivity in film and television.

Also, I hope Amber's engagement isn't off. I hate to say it, but, I think a few ppl predicted this would happen when she announced her engagement. Amber was too happy, boastful, and obsessed about having a man- but when she announced her engagement, that boastfulness was amplified x100. Folks hate to see (black-dark-thick) women happy in their relationship and with their body image. There's always some bitter mfer that has to ruin it. If the engagement is off, I suspect it has to do with folks in their personal circle, whispering their high expectations onto their relationship. Smh.

Anonymous said...

So the movie wasn't a remake of Single White Female. It actually was pretty decent for a Lifetime movie, but there is a reason that they favor each other.

Anonymous said...

Amber lost a good amount of weight and she looks so much better now that she's not carrying all that blubber. She's beautiful but I knew that engagement was some bullshit. She slid into his DMs and he exploited her fame. Most men won't have to do much if they know you're going to chase him. She was always posting his photo on her IG and he barely posted her at all. That's a sign. She wasted too much time on a man who was not that into her but there is someone out there who is perfect for her. She's beautiful, talented and has an incredible heart. When she least expects it, the right one will show up.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the movie and both of these ladies are beautiful...just too much chocolate. I love it!! Well, better to call it quits now than to go on with a bogus wedding. Amber good for you and do what's best....She's losing weight too.

Monique said...

Gurl, this was a great lifetime movie. Better than most. I gave it 5 *****

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